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Here comes Under the Sea, the latest BitLife challenge. It is Based on The Little Mermaid, the challenge asks you to marry a royal marine researcher! In BitLife, becoming a Marine Biologist is as simple as following this guide.

Marine Biologists in BitLife: What You Need to Know

When creating a new character, set the character’s age to that of a high school graduate. Maintain a high level of intelligence so that you can get into college and receive a scholarship that covers your tuition. In countries where post-secondary education is free, this isn’t an issue, but it is in others. Choose Biology as your major in college. Age up or restart your game if it doesn’t appear immediately away. Complete the degree requirements to move on to the next phase.

As soon as you finish college, return to the Occupation section and select Graduate School. In order to work as a Marine Biologist, you must hold a Master’s or Doctorate-level degree.

When you’re done with graduate school, you’ll be older than you were when you started. Return to the occupations category and look for full-time employment opportunities after completing your graduate school training. See if there are any openings for the role of Marine Biologist.

You’ll have to wait until you’re at least a decade older and verify the listings each year until you find it. To become a Marine Biologist, you must go through the interview process and pass it. A Junior Marine Biologist position is also available.

Effort hard every year until you are promoted to the rank of Marine Biologist if you follow this path of hard work.

How to Complete BitLife’s Under the Sea Challenges

BitLife’s Under the Sea Challenge can be completed if you’ve earned the title of Marine Biologist. Our coverage of a prior BitLife challenge can be found here.

In BitLife, how can you become a citizen of Denmark?

A female character born in Denmark only needs to be created, gendered as Female, and the country of Denmark and either Copenhagen or Aarhus as the place of birth. You’ll need to attend college and university to do this. Smarts is an important stat to keep at a high level while in school.

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