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Here we will reveal how you can fix the Minecraft server issues. Read the article till the end if you are experiencing Oh no, something went wrong error in Minecraft account.

Problems accessing Minecraft’s server?

Some potential answers are: Make sure your network is active and that no software is preventing outgoing connections. If a firewall is already installed, you should try turning it off or modifying its settings. To fix your modem/router, try restarting it.

It’s frustrating whenever and for whatever reason you run into an error in one of your favourite games. It’s a terrible feeling to want to play but be denied participation for reasons that aren’t clear. For those who have tried to play Minecraft on PC with the Minecraft Launcher but have received a “Oh no! Unfortunately, we were unable to establish a connection to the Minecraft servers; here are some troubleshooting steps to try.

Getting past Minecraft’s “Oh no, something went wrong” error.

If you can’t play Minecraft because you keep getting the “Oh no, something went wrong” message, there’s an issue. Ensure that the Minecraft Launcher is completely closed and not running in the Task Manager by pressing CTRL+ALT+DEL. Get it going again and see if it’s functioning properly. If that fails, try powering down your computer entirely and starting it back up again.

Download the Xbox app and signed in with the account

Make sure you’ve downloaded the Xbox app and signed in with the account that has Game Pass before attempting to play any of the games. You are trying to access a licence that does not exist because you are not signed in and do not own the game. If it is already installed, you can access Verify and Repair through the Launcher by going to Manage Game.

Reboot your computer did not fix the issue

If rebooting your computer did not fix the issue, you should examine the game’s data files. A corrupted file might be installed and causing issues. Enter “Apps & Features” into the Windows search box. If you’re looking for the Minecraft Launcher, it should be down here. Pick it, then go to Tools > Settings > Advanced. There will be a few maintenance and reset options below the Terminate button. You should begin with the repair so your computer can identify any damaged files. Only perform the reset if the device is still malfunctioning after being repaired, as doing so will erase all data that was not stored in the cloud.

In the event that the reset and repair procedures failed to rectify the situation, you may wish to uninstall the Minecraft Launcher and reinstall it. In all likelihood, reinstalling Minecraft on both your computer’s Java and Bedrock platforms will fix the issue.

:Last solution is to contact Minecraft Support if the above solutions do not resolve your issue.


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