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Dinkum is a brand-new life-simulation agricultural game with an Australian outback setting as its backdrop. The primary components of this game involve farming and poultry rearing. Other employment opportunities on the island include mining, fishing, hunting, etc. You earn money by engaging in all these activities. Speaking of Dinkum, it transacts using Dinks, an exclusive in-game money. Like in any game, the currency in Dinkum is crucial. One of the two things, besides resources, needed to buy a tool or weapon in the game are dinks. You can keep these Dinks in a bank. This page outlines the steps for obtaining and using a bank in Dinkum.


Find and use a Dinkum bank.

10% of the Dinks in our pocket are lost when we pass away or pass out in Dinkum. That money is safe, though, if it is kept in a bank. To find and utilize a bank in Dinkum, remember to:

Different non-playable characters in the game are in charge of various tasks. The NPC in charge of all activities involving the bank is named Milburn. Milburn is essentially a banker.

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Meet the visitor at his place of business. Give in to his desires so that he can stay on your island permanently.

In the game, your economy should be 30%. Visit Fletch’s tent and study the journal she keeps on her table to determine how your economy is doing.


At a 30% economic score, speaking with Milburn releases a Bank Deed.
Get the materials together and establish a Bank for Milburn.
Now, visit Milburn and speak with him if you want to deposit the money.
After the deposition, you receive interest on Dinks. Additionally, you receive 3000 Permit Points for making a deposit of $1,000,000 or more.


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