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Roblox Deflect makes no mention of how to obtain the Angel Ball skin or Angelic Badge, despite the fact that doing so is fairly simple. Deflect is an entertaining version of dodgeball, just like many other games on this platform. However, as the name implies, you cannot hold the ball in this situation; you must deflect it. Within a few seconds of joining a game, a ball will spawn and aim toward every participant. If it comes to you, you must time your strike to the opposing player’s move. Players who are struck by the ball die, and if you score a kill, the ball transforms into your skin. You can find out how to get Angel skin in this article.

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How to Get the Angelic Badge and the Angel Ball in Deflect

Angel Ball in Deflect Shop

As we previously said, unlike other skins, the game doesn’t explain how to obtain this one. By resurrecting five times in a single round in Deflect, players can earn the Angelic Badge and the Angel Ball. Although it can seem simple, there is a cost. To receive it, adhere to the steps in this manual.

When you start the game, a lobby will appear.
You will be put on a platform with other players when a new round begins.
Above the platform, you will notice a red transparent orb; here is where the ball spawns.
Let the ball strike you while you are directly beneath this sphere.
After you pass away, you have the option of being revived for 25 Robux.
Repeat the technique four more times once you’ve revived to earn the Angelic Badge and unlock the Angel Ball.
The Open Shop button can then be clicked.

This skin is available for equipping there in the Balls section.

The ball is now on the skins of the players who just scored a kill.
Keep in mind that you will need real money to purchase Robux and that you will need 125 Robux to resurrect five times. So, before starting the game, make sure you have enough.

This concludes the instructions for obtaining the Angel Ball and Angelic Badge in Roblox Deflect.


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