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A first-person action video game called Warhammer 40K Darktide is set in the 40,000 universe. You will be able to access a variety of weaponry at various levels as you advance. In Darktide, there are several ways to unlock or acquire these weapons. One of the weapons that can only be unlocked by three classes is the Zarona Mark Ila Quickdraw Stub Revolver. This antique pistol can be used to bash your opponents’ heads. But how is this weapon unlocked? To learn how to obtain the Quickdraw Stub Revolver in Warhammer 40k Darktide, go to our guide.

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How to Purchase the Quickdraw Stub Revolver in Darktide Warhammer 40K

In WH 40k Darktide, the Quickdraw Stub Revolver can only be unlocked by the Zealot, Psyker, and Veteran classes. This Frontier-style pistol can be unlocked early by Veteran Sharpshooters at Level 2. On the other side, this is unlocked at level 7 for the Psykenetic Psykers and Zealot Preachers. Hip fire is its primary action, and ADS is its secondary action (Aim-down Sights). Additionally, you can melee-attack your opponents by using its special move, Bash.

warhammer 40k darktide get quickdraw stub revolver

This handgun can be used for any class, however it works best in the Veteran classes. This is as a result of the Veteran Classes’ Tactical Reload Upgrade. However, to do it, you must level up to level 10. For close-quarters fighting, the Quickdraw Revolver is accurate and effective, but its reload is incredibly slow. You physically insert the ammunition for each reload. You’ll notice a longer reload time while using the Tactical Reload.

Preachers and zealots can both utilise the Quickdraw Stub Revolver. However, there are much better options available. You can choose the MG Mk II Heavy Laspistol for Preacher Zealots, which is unlocked at level 3. The Quickdraw Stub revolver, on the other hand, is a fantastic option for Psykers. Although the Agripinaa NK 1 infantry auto-gun is another option, it has very little recoil.

Everything about how to obtain the Quickdraw Stub Revolver in Warhammer 40K Darktide has been covered. Check out our other guides if you enjoyed this one.