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Follow These Steps to get skinny in Roblox da hood.

  • In order to get skinny in da hood roblox first you need to find the hood fitness.
  • Then come to the lettuce and as much as lettuce you can to the fullest in the game. You can any time find how close you are in getting skinny by typing slashy stats. Let the green bar go all the way down.
  • Thats it.! Now you are skinny.

So it was simple technique as you have seen to and now you know how to get skinny in da hood roblox.

Da Hood, like most RPGs, allows players to control many aspects of their virtual existence, including their character’s general appearance and physique. In the short instruction below, we’ll go through how to make your Da Hood character slim and explain how this method affects your stats and skills.


Hood Fitness Location

Look for the four houses next to the doctor’s office to discover Hood Fitness—the front of the facility is just across from this little community. Once you’ve located it, enter through one of the main doors of the building. A green rectangle with the words [Lettuce] – $5 hovering above it should be above Hood Fitness’ front desk—this is what you’ll need to get slim.


Consuming lettuce

The process of becoming slim in Da Hood is time intensive and can cost a few thousand dollars, so make sure you have at least 10 minutes and some extra cash before you begin. When you’re ready to go, approach the lettuce rectangle and click on it; this will add a head of lettuce to your inventory for $5.

To eat the lettuce, click on its icon in the inventory bar; this will equip the lettuce to your Robloxian. Then, click on the lettuce in your Robloxian’s hand to eat it. This procedure is extremely repetitive, yet it is effective.

To view your character’s stats at any moment, open the experience’s chat box and enter /e stats. When you do this, the menu shown below should appear over your avatar’s head. To achieve maximum skinniness, your strength bar, represented by the flexing bicep image, must be completely empty. When you eat a piece of lettuce, the fullness of this bar decreases.

Once you’ve adjusted your bar to your taste, make sure to reset your character from the options menu. Click the Roblox icon in the top-left corner to open the settings menu. Your progress will not be carried over to the next server if you do not reset your character before leaving the adventure

What else may lettuce be used for?

Consuming a lot of lettuce not only makes your character small, but it also reduces your general strength, making it nearly impossible to keep up with other players in any type of hand-to-hand combat. When your character is slim, your overall HP is likewise reduced, which means that other players will be able to take you out in a single shot, punch, or kick far more easily.

People also ask

  • How do you make yourself skinny on Roblox?
To change the size of your character, go to the Avatar Customizer by clicking “Avatar” in the Roblox website’s sidebar. To alter your scale, you must be R15, thus make sure your Avatar Type is set to R15. A component labelled “Scaling” is located beneath the Avatar Type, and it includes a sliding scale for Height and Width.
  • How do you get skinny body in Roblox hood?
To achieve maximum skinniness, your strength bar, represented by the flexing bicep image, must be completely empty. When you eat a piece of lettuce, the fullness of this bar decreases. Once you’ve adjusted your bar to your taste, make sure to reset your character from the options menu.
  • What do weights do in Da Hood Roblox?
Weightlifters are normally quiet, although they can get angry if they are targeted or hit. They usually have a boxing move set from the boxing club near the playground. They have far more health and are much stronger than their smaller counterparts, hence they win the majority of melee encounters.
  • How do you get big in the hood on Roblox?
You must go to the gym and purchase a weight. It is not difficult to locate the gym; simply follow the road that leads to the cell phone store, and you will discover a gym on the corner. Then go to the gym and purchase a weight.
  • How much lettuce does it take to get skinny in da hood?
If you become weary of being overweight, you can always lose weight by eating lettuce! It takes approximately 200 lettuce from maximum to return to your original size. Eating lettuce makes you smaller, making you tougher to hit if shot at, but it reduces your durability significantly.
  • How do you stomp in Roblox hood?
The first thing you should do is knock on someone’s door and approach them. Check to see if your gun needs to be reloaded, then press E and R at the same time. But don’t try to stomp again, otherwise it’ll stomp the person and you’ll have to battle.
  • How do you make money on da hood?
There are three ways to make money in Da Hood. The first method is to break into ATMs and cash registers and steal the money from there. Another option is to join a cop to get money, which is most usually accomplished through exploits. Every 10 minutes, gamers who continue to play the game will receive a free $100.
  • What does strength in Da Hood do?
The gym is a location in Da Hood where players can build strength by lifting. You can increase your strength by lifting weights, or you can lose weight by eating greens. Most individuals are skinnier because it is more difficult for them to be shot, and it makes opponents fight harder against them.
  • What is the best gun in da hood?
Rev is the game’s best handgun. It deals 40% more damage than the Silencer and kills the enemy in half the time. When you first spawn in the game, Rev is your go-to gun; every professional player of Da Hood employs this gun.

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