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The only way to get Reduvia in Elden Ring is to defeat Nerijus. Once you have Reduvia, you can modify it however you like and equip it with whatever Ash of War you desire. The dagger has a Blood Loss effect, making it quite powerful, especially early on, and allowing you to deal substantial damage with it.

Reduvia Dagger is game Bleed weapon in Elden Ring

Even though Reduvia is a potent early game Bleed weapon in Elden Ring, it can take hours to find without any help. In the introductory minutes of the game, follow these steps to locate it.

Elden Ring can be intimidating at first. Limgrave is filled with potent early game weapons, and it’s exciting to find something you never saw coming, but it could take hours to find the perfect weapon on your own.

Those who favour swift blows and lethal weapons will appreciate the Reduvia Dagger. It’s one of the best daggers you can get early on, and builds centred around the Reduvia Dagger are useful for taking down the tougher enemies you’ll face in the Elden Ring’s opening stages.

When you have a specific build in mind, you should acquire the necessary components without delay. Reduvia, a potent Bleed dagger, can be found within a few minutes of exiting the tutorial cave and is a good starting point if you’re considering trying out a Bleed build.

You should absolutely get your hands on Reduvia within the first hour of the game. If you’re not in close proximity to your opponent, you can still deal damage and apply some Blood loss buildup by using Reduvia’s weapon skill, Reduvia Blood Blade, which sends out an arc of blood a short distance. Both light (R1) and heavy (R2) attacks with the dagger add to your Blood Loss.

High Dexterity and Arcana score

The weapon is best wielded by those with a high Dexterity and Arcana score (13 each), as it scales primarily off of these two attributes (the minimum required stats are 5 Strength and 13 Dexterity). Along with Vigor for health and Endurance as needed, these are the stats you should prioritise if you want to concentrate on Bleed damage as you travel through the Lands Between.

  • Before anything else, make your way to the Gatefront site of grace and meet Melina to receive Torrent, your trusty spirit steed.
  • A map fragment labelled “Limgrave, West” can be found just a short distance to the east along the main path through Gatefront Ruins.
  • Ride east from the Elleh Church to the large Agheel Lake.
  • Get yourself over to Agheel Lake’s northeast corner.


Although your presence at the lake may cause Flying Dragon Agheel to land there, you need not worry about drawing his wrath if you wait to do battle with him until a later time and avoid riding into his aggro range. Even if he follows you for a while, you can safely keep heading northeast because he will lose interest soon enough.

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