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In this article gamingvitals will tell you how to increase fps in modded Skyrim. Special Edition’s uncapped framerate support on PC is hampered by a fixed 60Hz refresh rate.

Modify the Video Card Driver

Keeping your Windows computer’s Graphics Driver up to date is a simple yet crucial task that provides your system with the latest stability and bug fixes. It is recommended that you perform the following procedures if you haven’t updated your GPU driver in some time:

  • To access the Quick Start Menu, press the Windows key plus X.
  • Device Manager can be accessed from the menu.
  • When expanding the list, make sure to double-click on Display adapters.
  • Select the graphics card you are using by right-clicking on it. [Right-click the GPU if it’s built in.]
  • To proceed, go to Update driver > then click Search automatically for drivers.
  • A system update will be downloaded and installed mechanically if one is available.
  • Afterwards, restart your computer for the changes to take effect.

You can tweak the game’s visual settings right from the menu.

The maximum frame rate can be raised significantly above the default settings by adjusting the in-game graphics or display settings. Disable or reduce the strength of the settings if you find that they are not what you need or want.

Turning off TAA will result in a higher quality video output for the game.

Substitute FXAA for that. As an alternative, you can activate both features and compare their performance.

You could potentially get a significant boost to your frame rate if you turn off Vsync. It is still recommended that you disable it if you are getting 60fps but would prefer more.

If the game’s visual performance is lacking, try switching to Window Mode. It’s possible that your monitor’s graphics resolution will suffer if you constantly use fullscreen or fullscreen borderless mode.

You can also try the following by launching Skyrim Special Edition > selecting the Advanced menu option:

  • Modify the quality of the shadows to a medium setting.
  • Set it to Medium for the Shadow Distance.
  • Disable the Godrays, Already.
  • Fade Object Details, Medium.
  • Reduce or eliminate ambient occlusion and reflections.
  • Standard Field of View (FOV) is 80 [, type fov 80, > Enter, > SaveIni, > Enter].
  • You can exit the programme by pressing the ESC key.

To Modify Energy Settings

It’s possible that your computer will use the bare minimum of power and resources in order to run the game properly if you’ve got it set to Power Saving or Balanced mode. If you want optimal performance, you need to select the High-Performance power plan. So as to:

  1. To access the Run dialogue, press the Windows key plus R.
  2. Launch Power Plan by entering powercfg.cpl and clicking the OK button.
  3. It is imperative that you go with the top tier of performance here.

Will the amount of mods I have effect my performance?

I know it depends on the mods I have but the ones I could only see that would effect them are like my landscaping ones and stuff. How do these mods blend with landscaping ones and spell enhancement mods.

Things to Remember

It is strongly recommended that you refrain from using ENBs in Skyrim SE.

Do not use mods that require a lot of processing power, such as Warzones.

High-resolution custom textures are not permitted.

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