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In Bitlife, there are a few different ways to marry into royalty. One way is to have extremely good looks and wealth. Another way is to complete certain tasks or missions that will give you an audience with the king or queen.

1. Keep Your Looks and Wealth High

If your looks and wealth are high enough, you may be able to simply ask the king or queen for their daughter’s hand in marriage. However, if you’re not quite at that level, you’ll need to complete some tasks to curry favor with the royal family.

2. Complete missions that are given to you by royals

One way to do this is to complete missions that are given to you by royals. These can be anything from fetching an item for them to killing a dragon that’s been terrorizing the kingdom.

3. Donate a large sum of money to the royal family’s coffers

Another way to gain favor in bitlife is to donate a large sum of money to the royal family’s coffers. This can be done by going to the royal treasury and selecting the ‘donate’ option.

Once you’ve gained enough favor, you can approach the king or queen and ask for their daughter’s hand in marriage. If they agree, you’ll be married to a royal and will have access to all the perks that come with it,

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