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Player First Games and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment are hard at work on MultiVersus, a free-to-play crossover fighting game.

Anyone who participated in the MultiVersus closed alpha, which concluded at the end of May 2022, will have access to Early Access beginning on July 19.

Free-to-play game MultiVersus

Though superficially similar to Super Smash Bros., MultiVersus is played very differently. This Warner Bros. brawler is a free-to-play game, so there’s no risk in giving it a shot, but not all of the content (like the full cast of characters) is unlocked at the get-go. Learn how to get access to more characters in MultiVersus right here!

For those curious about how to gain access to these playable characters, the process is simple. Earning gold coins is one way to gain access to playable characters in Multiversus. Once you’ve accumulated enough gold, you can buy most characters for a total of 2,000 gold.

Here is How You can find more fighters to use in MultiVersus?

Only Shaggy, Jake, Taz, and Harley Quinn are initially playable in MultiVersus; after completing the introductory tutorial, Wonder Woman is unlocked. All the remaining characters can be purchased for a total of either 2,000 Gold or 700 Gleamium.

You Can Use Gold to gain access to additional fighters in MultiVerse

As a form of in-game currency, gold can be earned simply by taking part in gameplay. Gold can be earned in small amounts for playing online matches, levelling up the battle pass, your profile, and individual fighters, and completing missions, and this Gold can be used to unlock any character in the game without spending real money.

Find How You can use Gleamium to gain access to additional fighters in the MultiVersus

If you’re willing to put real money into the game, you can gain access to additional characters by purchasing Gleamium. This game currency cannot be earned in-game and must be purchased in a set or in predetermined increments to be used. Since there is no 700 Gleamium option, you’ll have to spend at least $10 on the 1,000 Gleamium option to unlock a single character through this method.

MultiVersus character unlocking

MultiVersus’s approach to character unlocking isn’t terrible, especially for a free-to-play game. It’s a bummer that some players will be able to buy their way to the best content in the game, but it’s much better than if they were all locked behind Gleamium and no one else could get them through regular gameplay.

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