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Dinkum is a fantastic, tranquil role-playing game chock full of adventures. You take on the role of an explorer in this game who fled South City in search of a better life and is now farming, herding, and going about daily life in the Australian Outbacks. You will deal with a number of Farm Animals while herding them in the game. To increase the productivity of your farm, it is crucial to arrange them and keep them in the appropriate Pens. In this article, I’ll explain how to use the whistle in Dinkum to move farm animals including chickens, platypus, wombats, and others to a different pen.

Whistle Farm Animals in Dinkum to Transfer Them to a Different Pen

You can create Pens for your Farm Animals in Dinkum. However, there are situations when you’ll wish to relocate them. Since there is no pickup mechanism to relocate your farm animals, this can be a problem. But that doesn’t mean you can’t accomplish it. You can achieve it by moving your farm animals to a different pen in Dinkum by using the whistle emote. If you press the Chat Menu key, it will appear on the screen. If you have changed it from the Enter Key on your PC, press that button instead. yours to where you are right now.

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Create a Pen with all the farm animals you want to transfer first.
Next, divide up the creatures you want to transport.
Third, provide a way for them to follow you.


4. Whistle close to them.
They will begin to approach you as a result.
Lead them up to their new pens by continuing to whistle at them in various spots.
And there you have it—a job well done in moving your farm animals to a new pen.
All of this has to do with how to whistle at your farm animals in Dinkum to get them to go to a different pen. This advice has hopefully been useful to you.


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