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One of the most popular and in-demand top-down fantasy action role-playing games currently available on Steam is Lost Ark. Within 24 hours after its release, it was the second-most played game. The game mechanics of Lost Ark have the potential to be quite competitive with many other games of this type. The game’s ability to keep players interested with a variety of objects and resources to unlock has impressed players. There are several tasks you must complete while improving your character’s skills. A Card Catalog is a tool that aids with character skill upgrades. This guide will teach you how to raise the 120 card maximum in Lost Ark’s Card Catalog.

 Increase Card Catalog
Increase Card Catalog

In Lost Ark, increase the Card Catalog.

Players frequently overlook the Card Catalog when improving their skills. To obtain minor special effects, the character uses a deck of six cards. Players can expand the amount of the Card Catalog in the game, even if there is a cap of 120 at the beginning. What you must do is as follows

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Simply press Alt + C to access the Cards tab.

Locate the Enhance tab in the top-left corner of the screen.
Once the tab is active, scroll down to the section titled Expand Catalog Slots.
As soon as you click it, a pop-up window will appear where you can pay 30 Crystals to acquire the Card Catalog.

Even though this adds ten extra cards to the capacity, if that is not enough, you can always buy more. Additionally, you may always delete cards that you do not use if you run out of room but are unable to buy extra slots. The choice is situated just next to the card search choice.

 Increase Card Catalog
Increase Card Catalog

You only need that information from this article to increase your Lost Ark card catalogue. Check out Gaming Vitals’ other Lost Ark guides, advice, and techniques while you’re here.

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People also ask

How can I expand the size of my card catalogue?
Use blue crystals to increase the number of cards in your catalogue. Blue crystals can be purchased directly as a premium currency or exchanged for gold. Finally, you can spend 500 gold to extend your Card Deck space.
Must I remove the white cards from Lost Ark?
NEVER REMOVE ANY CARDS. You’ll regret it afterwards. If you must, put them away.
The number of cards in Lost Ark Reddit is how many.
There are known to be 173 Card Books and 27 Card Sets.

Are cards traded between Lost Ark characters?

4 Scores, Cards, and Emoticons

Having said that, they are all available to all characters, so be sure to add your preferred cards when creating a new character.

Should I open the Lost Ark card packs?

There is zero incentive to wait to open cards since they are available to the entire team. Simply store your cards on alternate accounts if you run out of room and do not have the blue crystals to extend them. DO NOT DISPOSE OF THEM! For book bonuses, you require them.

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