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This 14th “If you’re looking to play Genshin Impact at 1080p on ‘Low’ settings, a light and thin laptop is your best bet. Alternatively, one can drop the resolution to 900p and get about 40 fps on Medium settings, which could be better because the slight resolution reduction isn’t that obvious on the 14-inch panel.

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  • The processor is the Ryzen 5 5500u.
  • Radeon 7850 graphics processing unit.
  • 8 Gigabytes of RAM
  • I/O Devices: 1 Nvme M.2 SSD
  • The number of people on the screen is 14 “Display Resolution 1920×1080 At 60 Hz
  • Others: 10 victories, 3.1 pounds (1.4 Kg)

Thinkpad 3 Touch-screen Laptop has a 10th Generation Intel CoreTM i3-10110U Processor, which is great for basic applications like Microsoft Word and online browsing, as well as more advanced ones like 3D modelling and rendering.

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