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A wild Australian-themed island is featured in the life-simulation farming game Dinkum. Animals can be raised as pets and used for various purposes. Other, potentially harmful, and tamed creatures for the game character are present in the woods. These creatures can be hunted for their raw meat. This raw beef can either be prepared for personal consumption or sold to earn some Dinks. A crocodile is one of the hazardous creatures that can be found on the island. In the game, killing a crocodile takes some time and occasionally results in death. The following is our tutorial on how to kill a crocodile in Dinkum.

Dinkum Kill a Crocodile

In Dinkum, a crocodile is referred to as a croco. They are typically found close to water sources. Another type of crocodile that can be spotted on the map is an alpha crocodile. Near the mines, one can find an Alpha Croco. This alpha species fights in a very different manner than a typical Croco. Kill both Crocodiles by doing the following:

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In Dinkum, a hunting license is necessary before killing or hunting an animal.


Purchase a hunting license from Fletch’s tent for 250 PP.
Create a Hammer, Spear, or Wooden Bat with a level 1 Hunter’s License.
Your hunting license should be upgraded as soon as possible to level 2.
A level 2 hunting license enables the character to make copper-based weapons. Weapons made with copper have greater impact than simple ones.
Put the weapon on if a Croco appears.

A typical Crocodile will target before biting with a straightforward yet lethal strike.


An Alpha Croco, on the other hand, is capable of a powerful lunging biting attack. It uses a high jump attack that results in a sharp stone wall.
When a Croco has a target fixed, it stops moving and attacks straight ahead, so try to attack one that is moving.

Try to avoid approaching a Crocodile that is motionless.
A Croco attempts to plunge into the water and flee when its health bar turns red.
Even underwater, it is feasible to assault a crocodile.
To obtain the crocodile meat, pursue the crocodile and deliver your final blow.


People also ask

How does multiplayer in Dinkum operate?

Dinkum multiplayer functions by giving control over who is invited to a town to the host player. With the exception of installing and relocating structures and selling farm animals, visiting players can perform nearly all singleplayer and multiplayer actions.

Is Dinkum available on Xbox?

After the early access period on the PC expires, the Dinkum console release dates for the PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch will be announced. Confirming the console versions and other languages for Dinkum are currently scheduled for release after Early Access, Dinkum developer James Bendon stated on Twitter.

Dinkum is it cross-platform?

The PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch are all viable options, though Bendon did not specify which platforms he would be aiming for Dinkum. Cross-play between the various platforms, however, has a pretty low likelihood because the creator doesn’t think it would be possible.

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