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Echoes of Mana is the newest addition to the popular Mana series of games!
Join forces with heroes from the previous Mana series on your quest for the fabled Mana Sword!

Immerse yourself in the universe of the critically acclaimed Mana series action RPG, which will appeal to both long-time fans and newbies alike!

2D Action RPG with Layers of Features and Simple Controls
Swipe and tap with ease to control the battlefield with skills and objects!
Battle challenging bosses in co-op with other players!

Create a fantasy squad of characters from different games!
Combine old and new characters in your party, then lead your personalised team to victory in combat!


Characters in Focus

Sumo is a Japanese martial art (VA: Hiro Shimono)
Dark Lord Amanda (voiced by Miyuki Sawashiro) (VA: Kazuyuki Okitsu)
Julius Caesar (VA: Koki Uchiyama)
Randi is a young woman who has a (VA: Kensho Ono)
Primm is a word that comes to mind when (VA: Nozomi Yamamoto)
Popoi is a type of frog (VA: Emiri Kato)
Thanatos is a Greek name for a person who is (VA: Jouji Nakata)
Duran Duran Duran Duran Duran Dur (VA: Takuya Eguchi)
Angela is a young woman who has a (VA: Rumi Okubo)
Riesz is a German writer (VA: Mikako Komatsu)
Hawkeye is a fictional character (VA: Yuki Ono)

Kevin is a man of many talents (VA: Ryota Osaka)
Charlotte is a girl who likes to (VA: Sumire Morohoshi)
Lekius is a Greek philosopher (VA: Hiroki Ishihara)
Shiloh is a town in the state of Utah (VA: Nobunaga Shimazaki)
Serafina is a fictional character (VA: Saori Hayami)
Niccolo is a fictional character (VA: Wataru Takagi)
Sierra (Sierra Leone) (VA: Kiyono Yasuno)
Ferrik is a man with many talents (VA: Tasuku Hatanaka)
Kenjiro Tsuda’s Wanderer (VA) and more!

Echoes of Mana | TGS 2021 Trailer - YouTube

Fans of the Mana series and those looking for a fun smartphone action RPG should check this out.

Those who enjoy role-playing games with a focus on character development, as well as those searching for entertaining solo or co-op online games
Those searching for a popular RPG with a first-class cast of Japanese voiced characters Those looking for a popular free-to-play game Those looking for a popular RPG with a first-class cast of Japanese voiced characters Those looking for a popular free-to-play game

Echoes of Mana is a free-to-play action RPG in the Mana series that will be released soon. Echoes was announced during the 30th Anniversary broadcast event in late June 2021, marking the first new entry since Rise of Mana in 2014. It’s expected to be released in Spring 2022, possibly before April 30.

Patchwork worlds reverberate around you.

You wake up in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by nothing except a lone tree.
The Mana Tree—the fundamental wellspring of all life—is on the verge of extinction…
In a place where everything has already been lost, here is the last refuge.
The Mana Sword is the only thing that can save the Mana Tree and the worlds that are still entangled in its branches.
If only the sword hadn’t been misplaced as well…
You must travel through patchwork worlds, encountering old and new friends and opponents as you piece together memories through the Echoes of Mana, guided by the Mana Goddess.”




The gameplay of Echoes of Mana is similar to that of a normal mobile MMO. Players take on the role of protagonist Quilto/Quilta, who awakens in a lifeless world and must restore it using memories from the Mana series’ realms. Our hero is sent forth by the Mana Goddess with the spirit Baashear as his guide and companion, and the two will team up to gather more allies to help them on their adventure.

Players will be judged on their performance in order to gain in-game incentives such as currency and raw resources. Battles in the main story are conducted in real time as groups of missions. Each mission must be done with the utmost efficiency. On a particular field, both opponents and allies can move and attack in any direction, and when the appropriate conditions are satisfied, they can use a variety of special actions.

There are many other game modes to choose from. Alternate play options are yet to be revealed in detail.

As a gacha game, users can summon multiple series characters (and presumably stuff) individually or in a bundle using both free and paid currency.

Mana’s Echoes The Gameplay Is Exactly What It Appears To Be

There are no surprises in Echoes of Mana’s gameplay. The controls, on the other hand, are actually rather good. You can move about by dragging your finger wherever on the screen, and you can avoid roll by flicking your finger, which is very responsive. If you prefer, there is a specific button for dodging. There are also specific buttons for your basic assault, special attacks that cost MP, and a time-based super attack. The layout is standard and practical, albeit not as comfortable as using a controller.

At least in the early chapters of Echoes of Mana that I could preview, levels barely lasted a few screens and consisted of a small handful of battles. In a matter of minutes, you will either win or lose. The numerous monster varieties are well-known and can chip-damage you to death if you aren’t careful, especially since normal attacks won’t stun them. Although, in Chapter 2, the one actual enemy I met used area-of-effect strikes that were clearly prepared in advance, and it was quite easy to beat. It’s tough to say how easy or difficult the game can become, but each level has a different difficulty to unlock.

screenshot Echoes of Mana preview hands-on mobile Android iOS Square Enix WFS free-to-play action RPG gacha with beautiful art and music

At the very least, the several playable characters bring variety by using different weapons and having varied elemental affinities. My Maddog has standard melee attacks, unlike Popoi from Secret of Mana, for example, uses slow boomerang strikes. In combat, you bring a three-person party, but you can also bring a backup party to switch between. This allows you to get experience for a variety of characters at once, which is really convenient.

To begin with, you must use the Harvest option to spend “spirit crystals” on summons in order to obtain additional characters. The game will then randomly spit out new characters or power-ups for you to utilise, and you will acquire a large collection over time. (Of course, you may pay actual money to receive these goods.) Because each character and power-up has varying degrees of rarity, luck is a component.

You can use the materials you’ve collected to improve the specific stats of your characters. One Memory Gem can also be equipped to a character to increase stats and give an extra boon of some type. Memory Gems can also be levelled up by spending items obtained. Materials can also be used to equip and level up gear. Basically, there are a tonne of materials lot collect in order to level up a tonne of various things over time; that’s just the way these games work. Either you enjoy the grind or you’re like me and can’t be persuaded to keep going. If you’ve gotten this far, you’re most likely the former, so kudos to you!

If you enjoy these types of games, give it a shot.

In the end, Echoes of Mana is unlikely to persuade anyone to play it who isn’t already a hardcore Mana fan or a mobile gaming fanatic to do so. People who fall into those groups, on the other hand, are likely to appreciate the experience, particularly because the sights and audio are so captivating. That’s probably enough for a game like this.

People also ask

Is Legend of Mana a spin off?
Seiken Densetsu was “spun off” into its own series of action role-playing games independent from Final Fantasy, dubbed the Mana series outside Japan, beginning with the 1993 sequel Secret of Mana.
Is echoes of Mana multiplayer?
Echoes of Mana will tell a unique story that brings together both new and old characters from the Mana series. Players will be able to enjoy the series’ action gameplay while also battling with friends in a multiplayer mode.
Is collection of mana a remake?
TRIALS OF MANA is a complete reproduction of the third Mana game, whereas COLLECTION OF MANA gives you access to the first three games in their entirety. Continue reading to learn more about the games and when you can play them.
Will there be a new Mana game?
Square Enix said this summer that Trials of Mana would be coming to the platform (launching in July 2021), as well as a brand-new title in the series named Echoes of Mana, to commemorate the 30th anniversary of its Mana action-RPG series.

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