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It’s all fun and games until your valuable items are stolen in Unturned. In a zombie-infested setting where raiders are continuously on the hunt to loot you clean, it is always a good idea to keep things safe.

If you design your home with a standard door and expect to be safe, you are mistaken. You’ll need more than that to keep your belongings safe. We will give you step-by-step directions in this article to help you lock your doors properly.

Lock Doors in Unturned
Lock Doors in Unturned

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Unturned: How to Lock Doors

Unfortunately, a lock mechanism cannot be used to secure a wooden door. We can, however, create a metal replica of a wooden door that will secure your home from intruders. Because wooden doors do not protect you by default, they require a metal door to keep your home safe. Follow these instructions to make a locked metal door.

By chopping two trees, you can collect sticks and logs.
Look for four scrap metal pieces.
Create wooden boards with a saw and logs.
Make a wooden plate out of the wooden boards.
Make a wooden frame out of the wooden plates.
Make two bolts out of the scrap metal and fire them.
Make a wooden door out of the bolts and the wooden frame.

Make a metal door out of a wooden door and three scrap metal pieces.
You now have access to a secure metal door. Outsiders are also unable to access other metal things such as vault doors, hatches, and lockers. Only you and your group members are allowed to open a metal door and enter the house, according to the regulations of Unturned.

Lock Doors in Unturned
Lock Doors in Unturned

People also ask

Unturned, how do you lock the doors?

You must leave the group if you wish to lock it even from your group members. Although you cannot make a door lock, you can make a locker and set it on a metal door. Make a locker out of three metal sheets and three metal bars, then attach it to your door.

How do you close unturned doors?

The Loop – The Quarry

In Unturned 3, the Birch Door is a common barricade. F is the default key for opening and closing it.

Lock Doors in Unturned
Lock Doors in Unturned

How do you leave your car unlocked?

If you choose, you can also lock your vehicle by pressing O (the letter O, not the number 0)….
To accomplish this, simply:
Get inside your vehicle.
Launch your inventory.
Locate and hit the Lock Vehicle button on the righthand side.

How do you keep crates from being flipped over?

You’ll need a saw to cut the timber logs from the woods into planks, and (I believe) a hammer to create the crate.

What does an unturned bed do?

They move the player’s spawnpoint to the specified location. Other players cannot claim it once it has been claimed, but they can destroy it. The player can respawn at the Bedroll by dying and hitting the Home button, however they must wait 30 seconds.

How can you tell whether your automobile is parked and not switched off?

You can also hit “TAB” while in the vehicle to see whether there is a male in the vehicle with you and if it is locked.

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