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Dinkum will make you feel the urge to work hard for money and material wealth. And the variety of ways there are to earn money in this game will amaze you. However, there are a tonne of options available to you. Not all of those techniques are equally successful and worthwhile of your effort. Let’s quickly review how to make money in Dinkum in this guide.

Fast Money in Dinkum

There are three basic ways to make a lot of money, particularly early on in the game. But the majority of methods involve selling things from your inventory.

Promoting fish

The pricing of different fish vary, and some of them can even be sold for 1,000 in-game dollars.
Let’s assume that you capture 20 fish. You may easily sell them for anywhere from $15,000 to $20,000 in cash.
Fishing is a relatively simple and peaceful activity.
How to fish in this game is shown here.


Locate a fishing location where you can see lots of fish.
Strike the fish with your line.
Until you catch it, reel it in your direction.

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I advise you to look at our specialized fishing guide for more advice. You can learn more about getting a fishing license and a rod right here.

The taking of animals

Catching animals is the second-best strategy for making a lot of money quickly.
You can begin capturing various animals and birds in the game once you have obtained a trapping licence.
Create an Animal Trap or a Simple Animal Trap.
Put it in close proximity to the bird or animal you want to catch.
All you need to do after capturing them is take the cage and leave it at the Animal Collection Point.

Selling waste

One of the tricky activities that might earn you a lot of money is this one.
Get a Metal Detecting License from Fletch to get started. It costs 2000 Permit Points to purchase.
Purchase the Metal Detector at John’s Goods next. The price is 6000 in-game money.
The Metal Detector only has to be equipped and used on the ground at this point.
Use it while moving around till you hear sounds. There are blue hints on the ground that indicate the presence of something nearby.


It will raise a barrel, smash it, and remove the contents.
Continue doing this for as long as you like, then go sell everything.
You can get a lot or not a lot of money depending on your luck and the goods you locate.


Finally, even if you can’t use all of the advice above. To generate some quick cash, you can just sell the items in your inventory that you don’t need. Do this until you are able to apply the advice above. As you advance, you can eventually implement all of the aforementioned advice. And you’ll discover that it’s not difficult to make money in this game.

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