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One of the key DC comics characters is introduced in the epic crossover platform game MultiVersus. the Gotham City vigilante who fights crime and answers to the bat’s signal. Yes, the Caped Crusader is here for some action, and Batman is one of the unlocked characters in the game. Batman has faced off against the Man of Steel numerous times and prevailed. Would that also apply to MultiVersus? That is completely dependent on the combos and bonuses you employ during the battle. The Best Batman Combos in MultiVersus would be helpful if you are unsure about those.

MultiVersus Batman combos – the best chain attacks for the Dark Knight | The Loadout


Table of Contents

Batman Multi Versus combos

Batman unquestionably uses his Batarang, but not all of his combos use it in the same way. Batman has always been a Bruiser class, so his fists deal quite a bit of damage. Additionally, his ninja skills enable him to create smoke screen effects to his combos on the battlefield.

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These are the combos that we think Batman in MultiVersus responds to the best, and once you master them, you can cause significant damage during the night.

MultiVersus: Best Batman Perks - Gamezo

Charged Special (Up), Jump, Special (Up), Attack, Attack, and Neutral Attack make up Combo 1.
Combo 2: Neutral Attack + Special + Special (Side) + Attack + Attack + Neutral Attack
Attack (Down), Attack (Side), Attack (Side), Special (Side), and Attack (Combo 3). (Side)
Combination 4, which consists of Special + Attack(Side) + Attack(Side) + Special (Up)
Neutral Attack + Special (Side) + Special (Up) + Attack (Side) + Attack is the fifth combo (Side)
Batman can easily bruise any character, albeit it will take some work to get used to the controls. The Dark Knight will be unbeatable in the game when combined with the greatest Batman Perks.

You only need that information from our Best Batman Combos in MultiVersus tutorial. Check out the other MultiVersus guides on Gaming Vitals while you’re here.

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