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Howdy, doctor? Bugs Bunny, created by MultiVersus, is a beloved cartoon icon who has been around for almost a century. With so much background, he can give out all kinds of moves and allusions to his rivals. Here’s how to master this cartoon and take the fight to your opponent in MultiVersus.

Moveset and recommended tactics

We advise practising all of Bugs Bunny’s animations in The Lab, the game’s training mode, before stepping into his shoes. Discover how each manoeuvre feels and become familiar with how they all operate once you are on the empty stage. The hammer is the first assault to be mentioned. You can tap or strike firmly by holding down the square (or X on an Xbox) button. Holding it will increase the knockback, making it ideal for dealing high percentage damage to opponents. If at all feasible, follow a kiss with this technique to stun your opponent. We’ll talk more about the kiss later. then ascending and pressing Kicking an opponent with the square (X) will send them soaring into the air. It’s a fantastic strategy for fending off opponents who are rushing. By leaping into the air and swinging Bugs’ bat upward, you can follow this move up. Holding the button down will also make the kick stronger.

MultiVersus - How To Play BUGS BUNNY (Guide & Tips) - YouTube

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Bugs will throw a barrage of punches by moving to the right and then pressing square (X), much like how boxers practice on their practice rings. This long-range strike has the potential to trap your adversary. This can be rapidly followed with an earlier upward kick for an additional 10-15% damage output. The bat can then be used as a third strike in a combo if you want to defeat a rival. A pie in the face is the final common attack. After descending, hold the square button down and press it (X). The pie’s trajectory will become more straight if you hold it. However, if you hold it down, you’ll have a harder time surprising an adversary. But if the pie strikes, it will slow down the opponent, making it simpler to strike. The special attacks of Bugs would undoubtedly fit within the cartoon from which he is derived. The triangle button (or Y on Xbox) is used to launch the first special attack, which calls down a metal safe from the sky. Depending on where it strikes an opponent, it may inflict up to 10 damage. However, when Bugs or a teammate kicks it, it gets extremely riskier. The safe is moved forward, exerting extra pressure on the adversary. If they don’t anticipate it, this is an effective technique to send them flying from the arena. Pressing triangle (Y) while moving up will launch you skyward.

The adversary will be launched off to the side of the stage. But even if you miss, there’s a chance the rocket will still hit because everything that goes up has to come down. The rocket will veer to the left or right if you hit triangle (Y) while in the air. Look out a way to include the rocket in a combo that uses the air. Possibly combine the rocket attack with Bunny’s upward kick attack.

What Are Bugs Bunny’s Best Advantages?

As you play MultiVersus, you’ll be able to gain more powerful perks as Bugs levels up. When your character has attained maximum level, you should equip them with this. Lingering Love, which will end with a kiss from Bugs and a beautiful heart appearing on stage. You’ll have more opportunities to deliver a final blow once they’re startled if your heart is more durable. Dog, Make It Rain Your ranged attack speed will rise by 20% as a result of this perk. When armed, your pies and rockets will be even more potent. Up, Up, and A Slay – This perk increases the damage of your rockets, burrowing strikes, and bat swings, which are great for throwing enemies into the air. British  Trigonometry – The major focus for Bugs is knocking back opponents. In light of this, this perk will boost the knockback impact by 15%.

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