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Square Enix advanced and published Final Fantasy XIV, a massively multiplayer on-line function-playing recreation. To play the game, you must first create a character on one of the game’s servers. Games like Final Fantasy XIV allow players to construct and personalize their characters to their desire. As a result, the player base has generated a large number of characters who resemble people from fiction and non-fiction. This is accomplished through the game’s Glamour system. A Naruto Glamour is one such character that many players desire. In this article, I will show you how to appear like Naruto and obtain his Glamour in Final Fantasy XIV.


How to Look Like Naruto in Final Fantasy XIV (Glamour Guide)

Naruto Uzumaki is the main character in the anime series “Naruto.” As such, he is a fan favourite and, thankfully, can be created in FFXIV via the Glamour System. The Glamour System allows you to look glam without sacrificing your best gear. Consider this a Skin Texture replacement in the game of your Gear. This is a very rudimentary and barebones description because the Glamour system has many intricacies.

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Complete the If I had a Glamour Quest from Swyrgeim in Vesper Bay to unlock the Glamour System.
All you have to do is give her a Blood Orange Juice from a Folclind Local Inn.


To complete the quest, you must be at least level 15.
You will now be able to add Glamour to your Armor.
To make a Glamour, you must first select an item while in the Cast Glamour section of your Actions & Traits.
Now choose an object to utilize as a Glamour and it will be applied, but it will cost you one Glamour Prism.

A Glamour Prism is the Glamour System’s currency, and it can be gained via the Grand Company Quartermasters, Market Board, Vendors, and Quests.

Now that we understand how the Glamour System works, let’s create a Plate that resembles Naruto from Final Fantasy XIV.


Naruto-Looking Procedures

Navigate to your Home and open the Glamour Dresser. Access a Glamour Plate and use the following Items to obtain the Naruto Glamour in Final Fantasy XIV.

Ivalician Martialist’s Hachimaki on the head, casual jacket on the body (Pumpkin Orange Dye)
-Hands – New Gloves for the Emperor
-Kecks – Expeditioner’s Legs (Pumpkin Orange Dye)
-Eastern Journey Footwear (Jet Black Dye)
-Necklace – Necklace of the Wayfarer
-Iron Daggers – Rogue’s Arm
The preceding description is the best I could come up with. If you have any further versions of Naruto’s Glamour, please visit Eorzea Collection by clicking the link. This was all about appearing like Naruto in FFXIV with his Glamour. This guide should have been useful to you. You can also read our tutorials on how to finish the Final Fantasy XIV Unidentified Flying Object Quest.


People also ask

How do you utilize Glamour in Final Fantasy 14?

Application of Glamour Plate
Put on the things that you want to change the look of.
Either. …
The Glamour Plate Creation or Plate Selection window appears (respectively).
Click one of the numbered buttons at the top to select the plate you want to apply to the items you’re wearing.
Click the “Apply” button.

Can you make Glamour costumes for Final Fantasy XIV?

Glamours are custom-made clothes that are projected over whatever armour you are wearing for individuals who are new to the game or simply need a reminder. This means you won’t lose any item level stats while also looking fantastic!

Can you Glamour an item in Final Fantasy XIV?

Right-click (or whatever the PS3/4 equivalent is) the item > Glamour Casting > Choose “Remove” on the right side, which is an option right at the top, just like any other object you may use for glamouring > It’ll tell you that the Glamour Dispeller is required as the catalyst (which you already have) > Click Dispel to de-glamourize yourself.

How can one obtain Glamour in Final Fantasy?

Another way to obtain Glamour Prisms in Final Fantasy XIV is to purchase them from one’s Grand Company. Glamour Prisms will be available for purchase after earning the rank of Chief Sergeant for 200 Seals per prism.

Can you glam up higher-level equipment?

Only higher level gear can be glamoured onto lower level gear. You can glamour all of the gears regardless of level, thus you’re doing something wrong.

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