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In the game Stray, finding a lost cat’s family is the main goal. This game transports you throughout a cybercity filled with many fascinating robots. Here, with your dependable B-12 bot by your side, you navigate through buildings, alleys, and more. Trophies and other items are acquired along the route. The “Pacifist Trophy” is one of these awards. Only in the sewers will you be able to find this trophy. One of the harder game trophies to obtain is this one. Here is your Stray guide for completing the sewers without killing any Zurks if you also want the Pacifist trophy.

Finish the Sewers in Stray without killing any Zurks (Pacifist Trophy)

One of Stray’s most hazardous locations is the sewer. It’s difficult enough to negotiate these pipes and avoid the water, but keeping your paws off the Zurks while you’re doing it? That simply raises the stakes significantly. The following advice will help you complete the sewers in Stray without killing any Zurks and earn the Pacifist trophy.

To keep the Zurks out of your way, make sure to continue travelling in a zigzag pattern.
Do not touch the light gun button with your hand.


Go in circles to get the Zurks to leave you alone if they jump on you.
Even if you die and start over at a checkpoint, you can still obtain the trophy.
After finishing your duty, flee from the Zurks.
Avoid bursting too many Zurk pods.
Push the Zurks into the water if they surround you in a group.

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This is how Stray’s Pacifist trophy is obtained. Check out this video by Trophy Tom if you want to know exactly where you need to go and how to get there with the least amount of harm.

People also ask

Stray is it free on PS4?

Stray, an exclusive to the PlayStation console, is the buzz of the town, and you can join in by downloading the game for free. For the Premium and Extra tiers of its redesigned subscription service, which launched last month, Sony is presently providing a weeklong PS Plus trial.

Will Stray be available on PS4?

Unfortunately, PlayStation Plus subscribers at the Extra or Premium tiers are the only ones who may download Stray for free. This implies that individuals who have the Essential PlayStation Plus subscription will have to buy Stray for their console instead of being able to play it for free at launch.

Will Stray be available on Xbox?

The unfortunate news is that you might not be able to play Stray on your Xbox system any time soon. The game, developed by independent studio BlueTwelve Studio, is a timed console exclusive, so for a set amount of time, only PlayStation users will be able to play it.

Is Stray a cooperative game?

You may team up with a feline companion in a new splitscreen multiplayer mod for the adventure game Stray, which was just released.

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