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Have you ever dreamed of becoming a ninja warrior? As you assist Arashi in his mission to rescue his kid from Dosu and expose his evil scheme once and for all in Ninja Arashi 2, you will become one. Nevertheless, everything will be more challenging than it was in the previous Ninja Game. You must therefore get ready as you embark on an amazing quest in this platformer game.

Ninja Arashi 2 on Pc
Ninja Arashi 2 on Pc

Are you prepared to vanquish Dosu once more? Then, follow Arashi’s narrative and aid in his triumph! Find out more about the game’s features and hints here for free. As you go through the actual struggle of becoming an NInja, you get to learn how to play the game and unlock more milestones. For more information, continue reading this post.

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Embark on an Epic Journey with Arashi!


The second iteration of Black Panther’s ninja game is called Ninja Arashi 2. You have to assist Arashi in this game as he sets out to find his son. But because the journey is becoming more complicated, it won’t be simple. In order to find Dosu and challenge him to a fight, you should parkour, slide, and jump your way there. However, there’s no need to fear because the game offers an exciting experience and is addictive.

Ninja Arashi 2 on Pc
Ninja Arashi 2 on Pc

In narrative mode, there are 80 stages and 4 acts to accomplish. Additionally, there are new melee weapons and mechanics to learn! To progress through the game effectively, you can employ additional epic adventures and tools. If you’re more than prepared to engage in combat, proceed to the gameplay mechanics listed below.

Playing Ninja Arashi2

Ninja Arashi 2 has no learning curve and is more simpler to play than other platformers. The controls should ideally be committed to memory so that you can navigate without difficulty. There will be a lot of obstacles that you must avoid by climbing, gliding, jumping, and using parkour.

In addition, as you progress through the plot, you will encounter a number of formidable bosses. Make sure you are prepared to utilise your weapons immediately because there are 80 stages to finish. Show off your ninja prowess in this RPG right away. Get the Ninja Arashi 2 PC here for nothing!

-Four acts make up the game’s story mode.
-Complete 80 Stages, New Melee Weapon, New Mechanics
-Gorgeous graphics

leading up to Ninja Arashi 2

The retired ninja Arashi and his foe Oroshi were the central characters of the game’s initial iteration. When Oroshi escaped from Arashi’s prison and, while fleeing, killed Arashi’s wife and abducted his son, the hostility increased even further. Even though he was able to beat Oroshi, he was unable to free his son since a new villain named Dosu had frozen him for years.

Ninja Arashi 2 on Pc
Ninja Arashi 2 on Pc

15 years later, a man by the name of Raven frees Arashi from the frozen state, and Arashi’s new quest to find his kid and Dosu gets under way. The game begins with this.

Arashi is released while you prepare for the search for Dosu Raven, and she also acts as your initial guide for the first few steps. This third-person platformer RPG is a story-based RPG, as was previously stated. The stunning designs, particularly the landscapes and the figures in black silhouette, give it an added edge of allure. The story of the game will begin 15 years after the events of the last instalment, when Raven rescues Arashi and informs him that fighting against Dosu is necessary for both his kid and the entire world.

Arashi would first appear to be strolling like a zombie, but don’t worry—Raven would utilise a “artifact”—a crucial idea in this game that we’ll cover later—to re-energize Arashi and make him run like a ninja once more. Then level 1 starts, when the game instructs you to jump and double-jump, throw “shurikens,” employ “dash attacks,” melee attacks, disguises, and so on. So get ready to admire Ninja legend Arashi’s prowess as he pursued Dosu.

Important details about Ninja Arashi 2

-There are numerous options on the menu, including Story Mode, Skills, Shop, Artifact, and Challenge (this mode is not yet available).
The offline narrative mode currently features three chapters, each with 20 levels and a boss battle at the end of those levels (a fourth is on the way).
You start out with three lives, lose one of them, are revived, and then restart from the last save-point pillar you crossed. This pillar-like structure illuminates once you cross it while moving forward, indicating that your current position has been saved. The number of lives is eventually decreased to just 2.

Shurikens can be thrown indefinitely, so don’t be afraid to lob as many as you like at your adversaries. The ranged shurikens instantly change into a melee sword attack when you get close to your opponents (this feature was unavailable in the 1st version).
Although there are more distinct adversaries in this edition if you’ve finished the first Ninja Arashi, it might be easier for you to play (suicide bombers, samurais, skeletons, dual-blade wielders, arrow-bombers, giants, mini-boss, etc).
Just keep in mind to stay away from anything red. Beware of the spikes, traps, shotgun samurais, particularly the ones hiding behind doors, and suicide bombers.

Artifacts This chapter’s addition is called Artifacts. In the game, the artefacts are undiscovered attribute boosters. They can either be purchased in the game or found in challenging areas. Please take note that each player has a different location. The following are the artefacts you might acquire in the game and their functions:-

-Sword of Tatsuma: The Shuriken that is hurled has a chance to transform into a sword that pierces its initial target.
-Dotaku (Japanese ritual bells) disclose the locations of artefacts. Onimori: It raises the maximum life by 1.
-Golden Shuriken: Ten percent more critical hits.
-Reduces the dash cooldown by 20% with Sacred Tsuka.
-Meiyo- After utilising disguise, she gains a momentary barrier that is highly helpful for the game’s latter levels.
-Coin of Luck: Decreases the cooldown for disguise by 20%.
-Akumu: A tool for altering Arashi’s silhouette appearance.

People also ask

 Is Ninja Arashi 2 difficult?

I haven’t yet played the final Act of this platforming ninja game, but Ninja Arashi 2 is a winner in my book. The 60 stages that are currently in the game offer a decent level of difficulty. It is challenging, but not in a cheap way. Try the first game if things are too difficult for you.

In Ninja Arashi 2, how many acts are there?

One fantastic aspect of Ninja Arashi 2 is the variety of foes you’ll encounter over the many rounds. As you eliminate adversaries and get beyond every challenge, you’ll be having a blast. In addition, the plot is effectively segmented into 80 parts distributed throughout 4 acts.

Can Ninja Arashi 2 be played on a PC?

Show off your ninja prowess in this RPG right away. Get the Ninja Arashi 2 PC here for nothing!


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