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Pet Rescue Saga can make saving all the adorable critters from the animal snatchers your life’s mission, and it is unquestionably just as addictive as [Candy Crush]. You’ve come to the right place if that sounds like an addiction you’re familiar with. Here are the most effective cheats, techniques, and strategies I’ve discovered for destroying levels in Pet Rescue Saga as well as beating them!

1. You don’t need to remove every obstacle to advance through any stage.

In this mobile puzzle game, each stage has a set objective, such as saving a certain number of animals or achieving a certain score. It’s simple to get carried away by the rush of removing every block from a stage (we know it comes naturally to do that). Concentrate on accomplishing the precise demands at hand rather than trying to remove all the impediments.

Pet Rescue Saga
Pet Rescue Saga

2. Color Pops and Blockbuster boosters are the only ones you’ll want to get.

Only the Color Pop and Block Buster boosters are worth spending a few coins or Facebook credits on. What these booster items can do was described by as follows:

This boost has a balloon-like appearance. They are one of the Boosters you frequently receive while completing a level. You can buy them with Facebook Credits, but in order to unlock Blockbusters, you must do so. You can select the colour of the blocks that will pop using the Color Pop Booster. But keep in mind that, compared to manually clicking your way through, using the Color Pop Booster to lessen the number of blocks still on the level has a significant negative impact on your score.

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In Pet Rescue Saga, the Block Buster resembles a typical hammer in appearance and operation. In essence, you can utilize it to focus on any particular block. Following that block’s disappearance, the remaining blocks will reposition themselves to take its place. Block Busters are given to you when they are first unlocked. If you don’t already have any Block Boosters available, you can buy extra Block Busters by selecting the Block Buster icon and paying with Facebook Credits. While a level is being played, you cannot purchase them with Coins. Instead, you must purchase these on the summary screen that displays after choosing the level but before pressing the “Play” button.

3. Try to focus on removing single blocks of different colours.

You may encounter instances where your stage layout consists of isolated single blocks. Aim to remove those single-colored blocks by planning your moves two or three steps in advance. A red block shouldn’t be left alone for too long. So that you have a better possibility of starting larger combos for group coloured blocks, aim for single blocks like that.

4. Put Your Pets’ Survival First.

You will receive 1,000 points for each pet you save if you do so. You can typically obtain the ideal three star rating for the majority of levels by saving these dogs. You need to aim for a goal that is even more specific because some stages even emphasize preserving pets.

5. The Fundamentals of Requesting and Saving Lives

You only have five lives, and you lose one for every riddle you can’t solve. If your lives run out, you can either wait for a refill or buy five for $0.99. Similar to Candy Crush Saga, you can ask your Facebook friends for lives and vice versa.
– Before starting a puzzle, you can ask for more lives. Tap the heart icon to the right of your friends’ Facebook photos at the bottom of the screen after choosing the desired level. You only get a set amount of lives for some puzzles. Don’t waste anything. The game ends when all of your lives are used.

Pet Rescue Saga
Pet Rescue Saga

6. Keep Your Power Ups Close at Hand

Utilize your boosters. Okay, so this goes against the advice above, but in general, if you reach the end of the board and still have extra blocks, you should use power-ups like the Column Blaster Booster. The goal should be to remove all the blocks of the same colour from columns or lines, completing the board.

7. Benefit from the Pet Delay

A lone pet at the foot of the stage indicates that it will soon be let loose. Those pets normally leave the stage after a little wait of a few seconds. As a result, the blocks above the pet continue to be arranged in the same way before they change to reflect the pet’s absence. Get some block combos going during those brief but crucial moments.

8. This is How to Finish Level 42 the Best Way.

Some players have found level 42 to be frustrating. The moves you can utilise to finish this stage are demonstrated in the video guide above.

People also ask

How can you play Pet Rescue Saga with infinite lives?

Go to General Settings under Settings.
Navigate to Date > Time.
“Set Automatically” should be turned off.
Select Set Date and Time.
The time should be adjusted to be three hours later than it is right now.
You’ll have a whole set of lives if you reopen Pet Rescue!

Pet Rescue Saga
Pet Rescue Saga

What is Pet Rescue Saga’s highest level?

There are presently 187 episodes and 4707 levels in Pet Rescue Saga. There are also 4707 levels on mobile.

How can one succeed in pet rescue?

Consider your pets first. The majority of levels, saving your pets should be your top priority.
Prepare your actions properly.
Which boosters to purchase.
Don’t stress about getting rid of every single brick.
Lives are given and received for free.
Pay close attention to the goals.
Do not allow your animals to be taken.
Make careful use of boosters and bombs.

What function do the butterflies serve in Pet Rescue?

Before being released, the butterfly is sealed within the bottle. By removing the block with the same colour as the butterfly, the player can activate the butterfly. The butterfly is freed, and it flies off to save a pet once the player has removed a sufficient number of blocks of the same hue.


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