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As part of becoming a subscribed member on Nintendo Switch Online, Nintendo said that in the future, you will be able to begin playing famous gaming titles before paying. This announcement was centered on Stardew Valley, a simulation RPG farming game that has captured the hearts of many players. If you were hesitant to purchase the game, you’re in luck because if you’re a Nintendo Online subscription, you may now play it for free! Everything you need to know is right here.

Stardew Valley will be available to players in North America, Japan, and Europe for a week after Nintendo announced it on June 13th, 2022. You will be able to store your data, play multiplayer, and complete the game before deciding whether or not to purchase it. The best part? If you opt to buy the game after the trial, none of your saved data will be lost. If you’ve been wondering about the game, don’t miss out on this limited-time promotion.

Remember that you have until June 20th to download Stardew Valley! In addition to the free trial, the game will be discounted by 20% on June 27th.

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Play Stardew Valley
Play Stardew Valley

How to Register for a Nintendo Switch Online
You want to buy Stardew Valley but do not own a Nintendo Switch. That’s fine; subscribing is simple! Nintendo simplifies things for gamers, and the first thing you should do before signing up is make sure your Switch is up to date. Updating your firmware is critical, so do so now if you haven’t already. To sign up for their online services, you must do the following:

From the home screen, navigate to the Nintendo eShop.
Select Nintendo Switch Online from the left menu.
Choose your membership options.
Select either a family or an individual plan.
Download the app from the eShop, which will appear whenever you are invited to do so.

People also ask

Can you play online for free with the Switch?

Members of Nintendo Switch Online can download and enjoy the game’s online feature for free.

Is Stardew Valley available for free on the Nintendo Switch?

Play Stardew Valley
Play Stardew Valley
Stardew Valley is now available as a free trial on Nintendo Switch Online in the United States. GamesRadar+

Can you play Stardew Valley online if you don’t have a Nintendo account?

Stardew Valley’s Switch port will also have local multiplayer, which, according to Barone, can be played “without the requirement for a Nintendo Switch Online account.” However, as Barone stated on Twitter (opens in new tab), you will not be able to play split-screen on a single console by adding another controller or sharing.

Is it possible to play Stardew Valley for free?

Update: Nintendo of America has confirmed that it is also free in North America. To refresh your memory, Eric “Concerned Ape” Barone wrote the million-selling novel Stardew Valley. People can farm, interact with others in town, and fight monsters in its mine.

How can you play online Stardew Valley Switch co-op?

Select the Co-Op option from the main menu.
Depending on whether you’re playing online with a friend or in local co-op, select either the Local or Online Communication option.
You will then be taken to a Join screen.

Is it possible to play Stardew Valley online?

Now that Stardew Valley offers online and split-screen multiplayer, co-op is easier than ever. You may customise how you and your friends collaborate on your farm by sharing resources and managing how your game runs when numerous farmers are present.

Can you play Stardew Valley on the Switch without an internet connection?

Conversation. Yes, you may play Stardew Valley without an internet connection as long as you have the game installed on your PC! That’s fantastic.

Why must you pay for Switch online?

It is a paid subscription service that provides access to online multiplayer play for a variety of games, as well as additional advantages and features. To play the great majority of online games, you must be a Nintendo Switch Online member.

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