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Mobile game Three Kingdoms: Destiny Heroes is developed by Three Pandas Studio for iOS (iPhone/iPad) and Android.

First Destiny Heroes tip for Three Kingdoms: Daily Mission.

Get 150-day awards for completing daily missions.

Every day, the desiring hero is changeable before obtaining the reward.

In order to access the wishing interface (wish rule), click the fragment icon.

Only wish orange playing cards

Only cards you want to receive

Also see – How to start the Bonfire Bash activity in Destiny 2 [Full Method]

 Some event cards are missing from the desire list.

The SSR commander should be removed from the card box. Click (Card Exchange to have the SSR commander enter the card swap state if you don’t want the common der.

Three Kingdoms: Destiny Heroes
Three Kingdoms: Destiny Heroes

 To receive a different SSR commander, click the card commander!

Third tip for Three Kingdoms: Destiny Heroes is to gather and nurture cards.
A card collection bonus is activated when a new card is obtained. Cards that evolve improve the bonus as well. When there are m different cards, just the highest star-level will be counted.

A card collection bonus that has already been earned will not be reset by disassembling cards. You must obtain the card once more and evolve it to a higher star level in order to increase the collecting bonus.

developing and gathering ties] To receive tie bonuses, collect every card in the ties section. The connected cards’ lo west Star Lv. is known as Ties Star Lv.

Achieved bonuses won’t be lost if cards are disassembled. You must obtain the card once more and evolve it to a higher star level in order to increase the tie gathering benefit.

How Do I Enter Gift Codes for Redeem Packs?

Visit the City’s Main Lobby.
Look for the Bonus Icon in the upper right corner of the screen.
Hit the Redeem Pack Tab button.
Enter your gift code, then click Exchange.

Gift Reference: avexir302 (limited time only)

Three Kingdoms: Destiny Heroes
Three Kingdoms: Destiny Heroes

Three Kingdoms: How to Get New Heroes

Three Kingdoms includes gacha and RPG aspects in its hero system despite being primarily a conquering game with lots of RTS features. In particular, the only way to obtain new commanders in this game is by using Ingots or Recruitment Tokens to summon them in the Hero House using the game’s gacha system.

By playing the game frequently and beating the tasks, you can get both of these rewards. Don’t miss out on your free items; you can get a lot of Recruitment Tokens by simply signing into Three Kingdoms each day. If you’re using BlueStacks to play, we advise making a macro that will start the game as soon as the emulator is started. To ensure that you never forget to claim your daily free prizes, you can even set the macro do it for you!

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