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You must finish the tutorial when you first start the game since it tries to explain the player how to carry out some fundamental tasks in the game.

This comprises dribbling, dribbling, sprinting, blocking, and passing the ball.

The Settings menu (Setting>Tutorial>Play again) will allow you to replay the tutorial if necessary.

Real gamers and everything in real time! Connect your social media accounts to challenge your pals! Begin with a modest squad, then as you improve, add more members. Discover new coaches, characters, and courts. Your superpowers will grow. Gain more cups to advance up the scoreboard. Obtain legendary characters and daily rewards by completing daily missions! Play is totally free! * To play, a network connection is necessary. How to use NoxPlayer to play Basketball Arena on a computer. Step 1: Click…

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Playing basketball on Facebook:

Open a Messenger conversation and send a basketball emoji to begin a game. When the message is sent, tap the basketball emoji to start Messenger and play the game. Make sure you have the most recent version installed if it’s not working for you.

How can buddies play basketball on Messenger?

All you need to do is send a friend a basketball emoji once you’ve made sure Messenger is up to date. I’m done now. The concealed game will now start when you click on that sent ball.

Mini Basketball
Mini Basketball

Your journey has just begun!

After finishing the tutorial, the game’s primary features will be made available to you.

To prevent losing all of your game progress, first make sure to save your account by linking it to Facebook (Android and iOS devices) or Apple ID (iOS devices only). For instructions on how to save your account, visit this article: Why and how should a guest account be upgraded?

Here is a brief description of the Main Menu.

Your player name, avatar, level, and settings, as well as your country of origin.

Your in-game money balance is equal to Gems and Coins.

Leaderboard (Global, Country and Friends), Equipment (to personalize your players and team visuals: logo, jersey, shorts, shoes, etc) & Group (to change the formation, the active players and the bench and upgrade your team)

Mini Basketball
Mini Basketball

General incentives that you can obtain in the game, such as packs (after completing a certain number of goals or winning a match), or free daily rewards

You may access the game store by clicking Shop (bottom left), and you can start a game by clicking Play.

Let’s have a game!

To begin a game, select “PLAY” from the main menu.

You will be able to kick off a game in several stadiums (you can unlock new stadiums by levelling up). Entry fees (the amount of coins you must pay to compete in the game) and rewards (the amount of coins you will receive if you win!) vary each stadium.

Make sure to select the appropriate stadium based on your abilities and the strength of your squad; the higher the stadium, the more difficult the game will be.

Up till you feel secure enough to advance to the next Stadium, try to train and play in the lowest one.

What advantages come with playing multiplayer games?

You can earn XP, the coin prize, and packs if you win a game! This is the secret to moving on in the game and building a more powerful, invincible team!

If obtaining every player is still too difficult for you, keep in mind that you can play more aggressively and attempt to rule the leaderboards (Friends, League, Country, and Global) in order to prove your superiority and earn even more rewards.

Mini Basketball
Mini Basketball

As was previously mentioned, the higher the stadium, the harder the match and more seasoned your opponent will be. Remember that when you are already winning, a solid defense can sometimes be just as effective as a good offence!

How can I improve the composition of my team and strengthen it?

By choosing Team from the main menu, you can raise your team’s statistics.

Choose your tactic first, as this determines how your team will be organized. As you level up, more tactics will become available.

Make sure you have chosen the best players from your roster by checking the players on your team after that!

The icons for each player represent their roles and strengths (PT: Post’s Bench; WG: Wing’s Bench; GD: Guard’s Bench). Simply drag a player from the Bench to the Field to replace one who is currently in action!

Why is it crucial that my team is strong?

A team’s strength is determined by adding up the ratings of all of the players that are currently on the squad. Players with similar strengths will be combined via the matchmaking algorithm.

Can my Team be customized?

Several aesthetic elements from your team are customizable! In the game’s main menu, you may choose your team’s logo, the jersey, shorts, sneakers, ball, dunks, celebrations, mascots, and cheerleaders by just tapping the player who is now in play.

You need to open more chests or purchase more equipment through Shop offerings in order to unlock new pieces of equipment.

You can modify both the name of your team and the nation it represents in this menu!

Enjoy playing mini basketball, we hope!

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any queries or recommendations! 🏀

Related questions

Can you play small basketball versus friends?

You may access the game store by clicking Shop (bottom left), and you can start a game by clicking Play.

In miniature basketball, how do you dribble?

Moving and passing are rather straightforward concepts to comprehend regardless of the control scheme you select: To dribble and pass the ball, you simply move the joystick and hit the button.

How can I improve my mini basketball skills?

-Beginner’s Guide to Mini Basketball: The Best Advice, Techniques, and…
-Recognize the fundamental gameplay.
-Avoid skipping the missions.
-Try playing from the back.
-Utilize Team Tactics and switch your players.
-Be quick.
-Team members should be improved.

What is the online gameplay for Basketball Stars?

Visit CrazyGames’ Basketball Stars page.

Select either the single-player or two-player mode.

Choose a team (with famous players)

Start guarding, scoring, and dunking!

How can friends and you play basketball on Messenger?

Look for the Alarm Symbol-designated third emoji tab. Look for and select the basketball emoji. Send your buddy the basketball emoji right away. Click on the basketball after the message has been sent.

What does Facebook’s Basketball Frvr mean?

To assist commercialize and finance additional developments in Basketball, FRVR integrated Facebook’s in-game advertising capabilities powered by Audience Network.

On Facebook, how do you start a basketball game?

Open a Messenger conversation and send a basketball emoji to begin a game. When the message is sent, tap the basketball emoji to start Messenger and play the game.

What happened to basketball in Messenger?

Facebook has disclosed that it will take Instant Games out of Messenger and add them to the Gaming tab. When Instant Games first debuted, the News Feed was where users could play games. Facebook is now considering staged migration of Instant Games.

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