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What is an effective Hundo in Pokemon Go?

A hundo is a Pokemon that has three full bars of HP, Attack, and Defense when appraised, or a perfect 15 out of 15 in all three core stats. Since hundos are the most powerful Pokemon in the game, this makes them extremely valuable.

You can get hundo in pokemon go from eggs or by doing research or doing raids.

Hundo Vs. Shundo in Pokemon Go

So hundo and shundo means Pokemon in Pokemon go the only difference is shundo pokemon are shiny pokemon and hundo are not shiny pokemon.

Here is the list of level 50 effective hundo

Victini max CP of 3691

Snivy max CP of 960

Servine max CP of 1629

Serperior max CP of 2574

Tepig max CP of 1224

Pignite max CP of 2175

Emboar max CP of 3372

Pansage max CP of 1081

Musharna max CP of 3079

We can expect to see more Pokemon with 98 percent 15/15/14 HP after the changes to the CP formula, one of which is the new method used to calculate HP. When a 14 or 15 Stamina IV results in the same final HP at level 40, a 98 percent Pokemon can be just as effective as a 100 percent.

With the HP rework, a number of Pokemon lost their effectiveness at 100%. Salamence, Milotic, Breloom, Snorlax, Gyarados, Gengar, and Exeggutor are among the most notable.

For this, I used Gampress’s CP calculator. I didn’t go through all of the Pokemon I could find. Only those that I deemed to be the most useful, both now and in the future. Using this calculator, you can verify whether or not a Pokemon you own has 14 stamina.

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