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Maddie’s grandmother has a story to share. This home is packed of unheard-of stories! Assist Maddie in discovering what her grandmother has to say about the family’s exciting past.

Wipe away the dust to discover new items, combine them into useful tools, and gain unexpected rewards. You never know what’s around the next corner of the mansion.

Let the mysterious journey begin! Run a full home remodel, and arrange your home just like you’ve always desired. Unlock new places within and around the Mansion while uncovering decade-old family secrets. The Mansion ensures that there are always new secrets to uncover and hundreds of intriguing puzzles to solve, with an abundance of stuff to discover and hundreds of engaging riddles to solve.

Merge Mansion Mystery Game Review 1080p Official Metacore Games Oy - YouTube


DISCOVER – Whether it’s a surprising revelation in Grandma’s past or a mystery room in the Mansion underground, there’s always something new to discover. Discover the manor’s hidden areas and learn the truth!

MERGE – Combine your existing tools to create more helpful ones. Can a rusted old shovel and a broken lamp help? Yes, absolutely. Combine goods to renovate a home in your own unique style.

DECORATE – Show us your decorating skills. It’s your chance to become an expert in exterior and interior home design.


RELAX – Only positive thoughts here, albeit there are some dark mysteries ahead.

EASY TO LEARN – This easy and intuitive game may be learned by anyone.

PLAY FOR A WHILE OR FOR A LONG TIME – Take a little merge minute here and there, or immerse yourself in an exciting merge marathon.

While Maddie’s voyage into her Grandma’s intriguing past has only just began, there are already a slew of exciting updates on the way to flesh out the plot. Merging Mansion will continue to surprise you, merge after merge, month after month.

While Maddie’s voyage into her Grandma’s intriguing past has only just began, there are already a slew of exciting updates on the way to flesh out the plot. We guarantee that Merging Mansion will continue to surprise you, merge after merge, month after month.

– It’s time to begin your trip; the mysterious Merge Mansion awaits.

Enjoy this colourful merging game in which you can design your ideal home.

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  • The pictures of the elements to be joined are difficult to look at and distinguish in this novel merging game.
  • Progress is agonisingly slow. The rate at which energy and chest recharge is excruciatingly sluggish. Simply put, there isn’t enough going on to keep a player’s interest. If you can stand the game’s coma-inducing speed, it’s an interesting and complex way to waste time, earning it two stars.
  • Games are amazing for the one minute you can play them. It’s insane how many energy points it takes to manufacture one useful product. If you have to combine to gain higher level items, you could be doing it for a month because the “supplier” of the items you have to combine only produces ten items.
  • The game is fantastic, but the update is the worst thing that has ever happened to it.
  • The game play looks good at first, but after a while, you will become frustrated. It’s not just a matter of limited space, resources, or moves; the target combined object itself could be quite difficult. For example, a can required for a statue is level 13 from a bush drop, which requires a drop of 2048/4096.
  • The game is fun, but you can only play for about two minutes before your energy runs out. Also, the new update scatters the pieces around the board rather than next to whatever you were getting it out of; for example, the tools now scattered across the board rather than next to the tool box.
  • The story is both amusing and intriguing. If you wish to fulfil quests, you must manage your space effectively.


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People also ask

What is the point of Merge Mansion?

Merge Mansion is a puzzle game for iOS and Android smartphones that parents should be aware of. To assist users in obtaining the necessary garden tools and other items for completing the app’s house renovation-based chores, they must match, or rather merge, identical items on a gaming board, which changes them into other items.

Do you ever enter mansion in Merge Mansion?

The game makes use of merging mechanics to allow players to create the tools required to begin renovations on the estate. In Merge Mansion, there are no stages to complete; instead, users will be able to unlock various locations where they can work to construct new creations.

Does it cost to play Merge Mansion?

Metacore Games Oy created Merge Mansion, an Android puzzle game. You take on the role of Maddie, a young woman who is moving into her grandmother’s estate. Her grandmother reveals secrets as you assist her in renovating and cleaning up the 50-year-old estate. The game is available for free download from the App Store or Everywhere Games.

What do you do with the 9 in Merge Mansion?

Because you may replay the event, sell the number 9 bush to win money. Use the coins to purchase additional storage space in the garage. Stone Can, by simply combining numbers, this occurrence is a very energy-efficient way to gain XP for levelling up.

Does the Golden Tree do anything in Merge Mansion?

This item is not currently needed for any chores, but it is simple to get started on if you collect the seedbags left over from obtaining the Flowers. It occasionally appears in occurrences.

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What is the strategy for Merge Mansion?

Keep an eye out for those dusty items…. Focus on Completing Tasks…. Level Up Quickly in Merge Mansion…. Put A Booster On The Board…. Merge Energy Bubbles, Coins, & More…. Don’t Miss a Free Piggy Bank Every Morning!

What is grandma’s secret in Merge Mansion?

In “You’re Not My Grandma,” a figure sits in a gloomy room. Maddie thinks it’s Grandma, but it’s a yarn version, so Grandma may bury stuff in the backyard.



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