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The story begins with a mobile application that shows a high concentration of beautiful girls. The radar application indicated the Campus, which is only a short distance away. There, you meet three charming students who show an obvious interest in you and are ready to converse with you.

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Each has its own set of characteristics, and each must develop its own strategy. You can win the hearts of girls by giving them presents and flirting with them; you can also show off your amorous talents by employing a slot machine and your wit.

Campus: Date Sim for Android - Download the APK from Uptodown


Pros & Cons Campus Date Sim

  • The graphics are nice, and it appears to be a fun game.
  • There are grammatical and nonsensical problems all over the place, and some of the drawings are anatomically inaccurate.


  • To begin with, the game requires far too much money to really make any progress.
  • In this game you can’t changed gender.

Campus: Date Sim - Amrita Studio


People also ask

What is Campus dating Sim?

Campus: Date Sim is an excellent dating sim. This is a great game with interesting girls who have their own personalities and fancies. As a result, the game is extremely popular among our users, as seen by the large number of downloads.

What is the campus app?

Campus Student gives you access to all of your school’s information. Announcements, assignments, attendance, grades, timetables, and much more are all available in real time. Receive notifications about grades, assignment scores, changes in attendance, and more.

How do you get VIP points on campus?

The only method to get VIP points is to purchase gold with REAL MONEY, which you must do yourself.

How do you use campus?

On graduation day, the campus was packed with visitors. Rallies were held across the country on college campuses. On our first day, we took a walk around campus. These sample sentences for the word ‘campus’ were automatically chosen from different internet news sources to reflect current usage of the word.

Does campus have an app?

Parents and students can use the Campus Mobile App, which is available on iOS and Android. The iPhone and iPod Touch first generation are not supported. Mobile phones based on BlackBerry and Windows are not supported. Campus does not support screen sizes that are too tiny for the Google Play store for Android users.

Campus Date Sim | All Pictures, Room 8 Completed - YouTube

Does Infinite Campus have an app?

On both the Android and iOS platforms, Infinite Campus has mobile apps. For real-time access to grades, assignments, attendance, timetables, announcements, and more, download your free app.

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