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Sharpen your intellect with Trivia Crack 2, the brain game that is now FULL OF TOPICS!
Test your knowledge of your favourite TV shows, movies, books, artists, and more! And the brain test continues: answer interesting general questions in traditional categories such as Art, Science, History, Entertainment, Sport, and Geography. Are you prepared to become a trivia superstar?

Trivia Crack 2
Trivia Crack 2

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Trivia Crack 2 is the sequel to one of the best online trivia games for smartphones, and it’s back with a slew of new game types, tonnes of new questions, more funny characters, and improved graphics. It’s basically back with more and better stuff.

The gameplay is straightforward: you must answer questions throughout your turn and send the answers via the Internet in order to get more right answers than your opponents. You also can participate in on line duels and character demanding situations.

Several thousand questions are separated into six categories in the game.

As always, you’ll have several power ups to aid you in the most difficult scenarios. Keep in mind that it is preferable not to exploit these types of advantages because the goal of the game is to learn and demonstrate your expertise.

Trivia Crack 2
Trivia Crack 2

Trivia Crack 2 is a fantastic trivia multiplayer game with so many questions that you’ll be hard pressed to find one that isn’t different. Without a question, this is one of the most interesting trivia games you can play on your Android smartphone.

Trivia Crack 2
Trivia Crack 2

Pros & Cons

  • The whole trivia game banter is what kept me watching gaming videos in the first place.
  • This game is packed with advertisements.
  • You have to clear out 5 commercials when you initially launch the game, and you are then punished with an ad every time you answer a question incorrectly. It is occasionally slow and unresponsive.
  • A few instances, time fully stops.
  • It’s entertaining to play, but it could use a lot more work.

People also ask

What exactly is the distinction between Trivia Crack and Trivia Crack 2?

Trivia Crack 2 maintains the same engaging quiz-based gameplay while making a few changes. The UI has been updated for current devices, and there are a few other modes to explore if you get tired of the primary gameplay.

Is there a multiplayer mode in Trivia Crack 2?

Send or request lives from other members and compete in Tower Duel against other teams! … MORE FEATURES AND INTERESTING GAME MODES!

Is Trivia Crack still popular?

To address the question above, Trivia Crack is not closing down. It is doing the exact opposite by expanding. Etermax fans can look forward to further releases in the near future. Meanwhile, we may all enjoy the many activities that 2020 has to offer, such as Trivia Crack Cards and Word Crack.
Trivia Crack 2
Trivia Crack 2

When was Trivia Crack 2 released?

Etermax, the publisher of mobile games, has announced that the sequel, Trivia Crack 2, would be released globally on October 25. Etermax, based in Buenos Aires, said that the new quiz game will be available on iOS and Android, aimed at both existing and new players.

What is the newest Trivia Crack?

Trivia Crack Adventure is the newest game in the Trivia Crack series, released in 2021. To summarize, it is essentially Trivia Crack in a new package, with board game components and unique power-ups.

How do you constantly come out on top in Trivia Crack?

Continue to play. Take your Trivia Crack victory very seriously! … Please read the Question. Take your time… Understand Your Strengths. Also, be aware of your flaws! … Use Power Ups…. Purchase Unlimited Lives…. Google Answers. … Tower Duel: Act Quickly! … Tower Duel: Concentrate on Your Strongest Categories.

Do you play Trivia Crack Adventure versus bots?

You’re playing against actual people, and after your turn is finished, you must wait for the other player to take theirs. There’s a nice, turn-based simplicity to things, and there’s already enough of a community behind the game that you’re never left waiting for long.

Trivia Crack is owned by which company?

(BUSINESS WIRE)—SAN FRANCISCO— Trivia Crack, the most popular smartphone trivia game in history, is heading to Skillz (NYSE: SKLZ), the top mobile games platform that brings fair and exciting competition to players around the world, the firm announced today.

Is it possible to play Trivia Crack on a PC?

etermax created the trivia game Trivia Crack. For an immersive gaming experience, Blue Stacks app player is the perfect platform to play this Android game on your PC or Mac! Play Trivia Crack on PC and enjoy this trivia game from your PC’s large and beautiful display!

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