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A raft in the middle of the ocean serves as the central setting of the survival-based videogame Raft. You begin in an ocean-floor wooden raft and work your way up to establishing a civilization. You can craft, harvest, and grow food as the game progresses. But is there a simple way to play this game of survival? Yes! However, there are some requirements before using the cheat codes. Here is a comprehensive reference to all the commands and cheats in Raft.

Cheats & Console Commands
Cheats & Console Commands

Raft Has All Cheats And Console Commands

Although during The Raft’s early-access period, it was easy to get access to the cheat codes. Currently, in order to access them, you must download and install several mods. This is due to the Vanilla Raft’s lack of chats and commands. To access the various hacks, you must download the appropriate cheat modifications.

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You can access more than 20 cheat codes and use Steam when you download the WeMod.

For Players

Unaffected by/Ignores Damage
Unlimited Food, Water, and Oxygen, as well as Unrestricted Health


Move Speed Set

Set Jump Height

Swim Speed


Limitless Products

No End to Item Durability

Unlimited Capacity of Buildings

No Need for Crafting

No Building Necessity

Cheats & Console Commands
Cheats & Console Commands


One-Hit Kills


Instant Fishing

Instant Grill & Purify

Unlock All Crafting Recipes

Freeze Daytime

Daytime +1 Hour

Set Game Speed


When you download the KUtility , you can use it to activate a number of cheat codes. Additionally, it has a God Mod that grants players endless health.

The following are all the services it provides:

Deity Mode (Infinite health)
Sailing Stability
Activate developer hacks (Disabled)
flier mode
Weather change, no oxygen
No thirst, no food, no sharks

No description available.

Storage Stack

The purpose of this mod, as its name already implies, is to raise the stack of materials and objects you have collected.
You must first download the Inventory Stack (link) and then put the downloaded Raft Mod Loader (link) in the mods folder in order to achieve so.

Activating Console Commands

You must locate a mod if you wish to access and enable the Console commands. In contrast to before, when you could use console commands on the vanilla, you currently need to download a mod. And that mod ought to make your console commands functional. You must enter the values next to some cheat codes if you locate such a mod. The Commands that were previously usable can now be entered.

Examples of character cheat codes (required value)

Boar, chicken, goat, llama, pufferfish, shark, stonebird, landmark, landmark big, landmark pilot, and landmark raft are just a few of the creatures that can be spawned with the cheat code “spawn”

/godmode /shift (go to the middle of the ocean) /set fps (necessary value) /set gamemode are examples of gameplay cheat codes (required value)

Everything regarding the cheats and commands in Raft has been covered. Check out our other guides on  for Gaming Vitals  if you enjoyed this one.

People also ask

Does Raft support terminal commands?

Raft’s stock version does not allow cheats. There is no way to cheat in the game without installing a mod or cheat software, even though console commands can be re-enabled with mods.

Has Raft has anti-cheating?

Any Steam game may use VAC, Valve’s anti-cheat system, along with any other feature made available by the Steam api, without restriction. Not just for games developed by Valve. Actually, not many games make use of it. However, Raft does not employ it, preventing cheaters from receiving VAC bans in single-player or multiplayer games.

Raft allows for teleportation?

You could attempt to swim to your raft. Attempt to avoid the shark’s attacks by swimming as described on the Shark page. To teleport back to the Raft, use the console from the Raft ModLoader.

I’m in the raft; how can I get back to the raft?

In order to respawn in hard mode, you must be picked up by another player and placed in a bed.

How does cheat Raft work?

In the past, Raft offered cheats that could be employed by entering command codes. These, however, have been phased out over the course of numerous versions. Currently, the only way to employ hacks in Raft is to locate community-made mods. These function similarly, except you must download them.


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