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Many people are stuck at Apeirophobia level 8 and are looking for a means to beat it. This level might be challenging due to the same passageways that make it easy to get lost. However, knowing the route can enable you complete the level in minutes. So, without further ado, let us look at how to beat Roblox Apeirophobia level 8.

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How to Overcome Apeirophobia Level 8

To complete level 8, first locate the vast room with many chairs, then the green light, and finally the red light. The escape is simple once you reach the red light. However, the initial step can be the most difficult. To get to the exit, take the following route:

Continue straight until you reach three enormous corridors.
After that, turn right and take the first left.
Turn right and proceed, then turn left at the first pillar.
Continue straight, then take the first right. You should be in the corridor with exits on both sides.
Take a second left here, followed by a second right. You should make your way to the spacious room with chairs and lights.

Continue straight until you notice an opening on the right and a locker.
Hide inside this locker till the monster goes by. Depending on where the species is, this may take some time. When it is close, you can tell by its footfall.
You escape the locker and dash straight into the corridor directly beside it once it has passed.
Continue running until you see a green light.
From the green light area, turn right and then immediately left.
Follow the natural path here until you reach a red light.
Turn right into the area with the red light and you’ll notice a ladder ascending.
To escape, use the ladder.

You will exit the location and complete level 8 of this game once you escape.

That’s everything you need to know about beating Apeirophobia level 8 in Roblox. If this isn’t your only Roblox game, you should check out our Roblox guides. Also, visit Gaming Vitals for more assistance with different games.


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