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It is a long game!!!! There are currently 104 pages in Apeirophobia Roblox Wiki!. So whats this game about? Apeirophobia is the fear of infinity or of an unbounded number of things. 

On levels such as lights out I would recommend to use the camera with the flashlight, it makes it a lot more brighter.

Tip: when you get into the 2nd part of level 8 if you go the wrong way a vine boom sound effect will play follow the sound since it will lead you to the part you died in.

“Centered around the exploration and documentation. Stuck inside endless rooms, being watched on every corner. Brace yourself for puzzles to solve, entities to hide from. escape from reality.” Start your adventure now into the unknown. Deep within a space far from Earth.

The sad thing is this game got terminated so they had to pack their stuff up and move it to another group idk why but lots of people I asked them they say because the owner was racism and doing bad stuff so yeah it got moved and don’t worry that doesn’t mean your gamepass and badges got lost no they ain’t rejoin couple of times and boom the only thing you loose is the levels the game doesn’t count that like you completed level 10 even tho you completed in the original version

Exactly what is the plot of the Roblox game Apeirophobia?

Polaroid Studios created the multiplayer horror game Apeirophobia. The protagonist noclips into the Backrooms, an infinite maze where enemies lurk around every corner, and finds themselves trapped beyond the edges of reality.

To whom may we thank for the development of Apeirophobia on Roblox?

This wiki’s information originates from “Apeirophobia,” a Roblox game developed by Polaroid Studios and published on April 30, 2022.

Methods for overcoming complete lack of fear of flying.

Located order to make a break for it, the Player must first ascertain the general direction the exit is in. The north side of the board is always the way out. It’s possible that players won’t always start out facing north. The black arrows will help you get back on track if you can find the one that points in the right way.

How many buttons does Apeirophobia level 2 have?

There are eight of them, and the Hound is still out and about in this area, so be careful as you look for them. Once you’ve pressed all of the buttons, just walk through the door to leave the level.

What are Entities in Apeirophobia Roblox

The term “entity” is used to describe a wide variety of life forms that have evolved within and are indigenous to the Backrooms. Both hostile and nonhostile entities come in a wide variety of forms.

The natures of these entities vary widely, but they are generally very different from the Frontroom monsters we are used to.

Your life depends on your ability to deduce the nature and motivations of the beings you’ve encountered in the Backrooms. In the Front Office, we are aware.

You will not last long outside of the Backrooms without first learning about the nature and behaviour of the beings you have encountered there.

Levels in Apeirophobia Roblox

Some levels may be significantly larger than others. Some are secure, with few or no creatures, while others are fraught with deadly foes. Every level is unique and very different from the one before it. Numerous levels have simulation cores, and all but a few feature some kind of chore that must be completed before moving on.

Apeirophobia Key Locations

It’s up to the developer whether keys appear in predictable patterns or at random.

The locations of the aforementioned keys are as follows:

On the third level, keys are hidden in the cabinets near the starting area. There are a total of three keys that must be located in order to go to the next section of the level.

Keys are posted on the doors of the two lockers on Level 10. They will emit a yellow light if discovered.

Even if there are several possible keys, only one will allow you to progress through the level. It’s a key that can unlock the door to Floor 10.

One key may be found in a maze in the second part of Level 11, while another can be found behind a gate that can be opened with the help of the first key.


The information of this game mostly comes from the Fandom, not the Wikidot. Since Skin-Stealers take their victims skin, people think that the level 5 entity is a Skin-Stealer.. but it isn’t. I’m not sure what Level 5 monster is, but I know that the true form of a Skin-Stealer is the Level 8 Monster. The real form of the Level 5 guy is gray.

Level 3’s monster is supposedly a Hound, although Hounds are intimidated by eye contact. The Level 6 monster is a Smiler. The Smiler is also one of the monsters in Level 10, and the small jumpscare monster from throughout the game. A smiler has a white smiling face and a black body, mostly sticking to shadows. A picture of one was taken by a wanderer who went missing right after.

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