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Roblox Apeirophobia Wiki Level 7 The End

On level seven, there appears to be a defunct library. Its floor has a dark grey colour and has a feel not unlike that of Level 0. The walls have a bright banana yellow hue with a hint of orange.

The ceiling is unremarkable: it is comprised of white squares, all of which are identical, and occasionally has square lights on it, some of which are turned off. In some of the bookcases you’ll find coloured beads that are part of the escape code. The player can also find a closed gate in a corner that, once unlocked, serves as an exit.

What is the Objective in Roblox Apeirophobia Level 7

This Roblox Apeirophobia level requires you to use your problem-solving skills and agility to navigate obstacles and vents. As a first step, players are tasked with exploring the first part of the game and collecting coloured balls hidden among the numerous storage bins.

Each player must recall how many balls of each colour were present. To keep track of them, you can put things like “green, green, blue, red, purple, orange” into the conversation; just keep in mind that the quantity of a coloured ball comes before its priority number.

The next step is for the player to access the computer terminal and work their way through the computer’s colour selection menu. When you look at the list, you’ll see that each hue has a corresponding number.

The player must start building a code by working down the list. They’ll input the total amount of the colour, followed by the color’s designated number, if it’s been used at all. The player must continue doing this for each item on the list. The terminal will spit out a four-digit code for the keypad in the back of the room if the code is valid. After entering the correct code, the door will open.

You’ll find a little maze beyond the entrance, with a ladder dangling from the ceiling above a vent opening. After a brief crawl, the player will come to a more compact library, this one housing just three volumes: an Entity Book, a Level Book, and a Research Book.

One of the booklets has the following 4-digit code door’s unlocking instructions written out on two pages. Next, the protagonist will have to make their way through another set of vents. The player emerges from the vents to a room with a computer and a vent. To open the vent, press the “y” key on the computer to start the process.

Follow the vent until you reach the main library, where you’ll find the gate to Roblox apeirophobia level 8.

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