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In Roblox Wacky Wizards, obtaining the Bird component solves all of your flight-related problems. Brewing flight potions allows your Avatar to fly about, making mobility faster and more efficient because you can easily reach higher surfaces. Only by completing a difficult obby can you receive this hidden substance.

How to get the Bird in Wacky Wizards - Try Hard Guides

Players must seek the tall tree on the main game environment in order to obtain the Bird component. The tree’s placement varies based on where your cauldron spawned, however it can be seen from almost anywhere. Once you’ve found it, sprint toward the tree, which is where you’ll find the Bird component.

But it isn’t that easy. At the very top of the tree, you’ll find the Bird component. The ingredient can only be obtained by completing a difficult obby. We had a lot of problem finishing this obby, especially with landing our jumps around the tree’s corners. If you’re dead set on finishing the obby the traditional way, simply keep trying until you succeed.


The Simple Approach

We’ve discovered a method if you don’t feel like completing the obby or if it’s simply too difficult: using a Giant Potion. We created the Giant Potion after throwing roughly 10 Giant’s Ears into the kettle. Take a sip of the potion and dash over to the tree. You’ll probably have to wait around five minutes to reach the required height for this to operate.

Your Avatar will grow tall enough to jump onto the lower platform below the Bird ingredient after using the Giant Potion. The goal should not be to get to the summit of the mountain. Even if you aren’t at the top, if you can make it to the lower platform below, the game should allow you pick up the bird. For an example of how to do this, see the image above.

All Recipes for Bird Potion

The following is a list of potions that use the Bird component.

# Potion Recipe
29 Rocket Dyanmite + Bird 31 Fire Walking Bird + Chilli 6 Floating Bird 29 Floating Bird 29 Floating Bird 29 Floating Bird 29 Floating Bird 29 Floating Bird 29 Flo
Swim Bird + Fish = 33
55 Ghostly Bird + Spider 37 Air Jumper Bird + Giraffe Hoof
Heatseeking Dynamite + Heatseeking Dynamite + Heatseeking Dynamite + Heatseeking Dynamite + Heatseeking
Fairy + Levitate Bird
90 Crows Bird + Witches 79 Flybux Robux + Bird Brew
Bird + Boxing Gloves + 99 Gravity-punch potion
Frozen Egg + P7 Air Walk Bird
P14 Human Flight + Zeus’s Beard
P17 Jetpack + Bird + Hat of Gears
Bird + Rotten Sandwich + P29 Flying Poo Hat of Gears
P44 Flying Bird + Wheel

People also ask

How do you get the Bird ingredient in wacky wizards?

You’ll need to go to the big tree near the racetrack with the obby attached to collect the Bird component in Wacky Wizards. Then you have the option of getting it the easy way or the difficult way. Making a potion like the Mermaid potion (Fairy + Fish) and floating up to the bird and grabbing it is the easiest approach.

What does the Bird do in wacky wizards?

Description The bird is an ingredient that may be obtained by searching the map for it. To make the flybux potion, you’ll need the bird.

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How do you make a flying potion in wacky wizard?

To fly in Wacky Wizards, you’ll need a flying potion.

You’ll need the following ingredients to make this potion:
1 Hoof of a Giraffe
There is only one spider.
1 pound of fish When you’re a Witch or a Wizard, anything is possible. Turn yourself into a half-octopus and fly around with ease!
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How do you get chili in wacky wizards?

In Roblox Wacky Wizards, How Do You Get Chillies?
Take a trip to the desert.
Use the Speedy Swimming Potion to dive beneath the bridge.
Turn 180 degrees and go under the floor.
Return from the opposite side of the wall.
The pepper can be found there.

How do you get the Hat of gears in wacky wizards for free?

To receive the Hat of Gears for free, you must fight the Cyclops boss, which spawns every hour in the game. This can be accomplished by firing potions into the cauldrons’ central cannon. The Cyclops Eye will be dropped once the boss has been defeated.
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How do you make a saddle in wacky wizards?

In Wacky Wizards, you’ll need a Hat of Gears and a Giraffe Hoof to prepare the Saddle Potion. Put those two ingredients in the cauldron, and you’ll get the Saddle Potion in no time! When you first start off in the game, the Giraffe Hoof component is included with your table.
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What can you make with a Cyclops eye in wacky wizards?

In Wacky Wizards, the Cyclops Eye is a unique component. It is not possible to save it to your Ingredient Table. It is solely utilized to create the Mr. Rich potion.

Where is the sunflower in wacky wizards?

In Wacky Wizards, the Sunflower may be discovered in Oz the Wizard’s cave region. This is where you get the Bird component, which is directly behind the enormous obby tree with the bees inside of it. Fly inside the cave through the bushes-obscured entrance.
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Where is cleetus Hat in wacky wizards?

In Wacky Wizards, you’ll need to go to the Wizard’s Cave to find the Cleetus Hat. This is across the racetrack area, near the big tree with the obby attached to it. Stay to the right after you’re inside the cave and look for a boulder near the corner.

How do you get the void star in wacky wizards?

The Void Star component is directly next to Dumpster Diver Dan, sitting on a rock to his left. If you’re facing the waterfall, you’ll find this position directly next to the lake on the right.


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