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While rotting meat is a risky food to consume. However, players will discover that this spoiled food item has its own functions in the game. Spoiled meat can be utilized for a variety of purposes in the game, including narcotic. This is an excellent element for animal taming and is also the preferred food for a few animals. This article will teach you how to ruin meat and use it as quickly as possible in ARK: Survival Evolved.

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Spoil Meat Fast In ARK
Spoil Meat Fast In ARK

How to Speed Up Meat Spoiling in ARK: Survival Evolved

You can gain a tonne of rotting meat in ARK by using one of the following methods:

Using Your Inventory

If you have a lot of meat in your inventory, take the following steps:

Check your inventory.

Hover your cursor on the meat in your inventory.
Hold Left CTRL while dragging the same to another slot.
It will take some time to get all of the meat out into the various places (or as much meat as your inventory can handle). You won’t even have to put them in separate spaces. Simply drag away from the stack onto another, even if it is already occupied.

You can now simply leave them in their slots while you go about your business. Then you can simply return in five minutes to get the spoiled meat.

Spoil Meat Fast In ARK
Spoil Meat Fast In ARK

Using a Storage Unit

However, utilizing a storage container is the best way to deteriorate meat. Now, all of this meat will spoil simultaneously and will be ready in no time. You can ruin more meat at the same time by using numerous storage areas.

Spoiled Meat Uses in ARK: Survival Evolved
You can use bad meat for the following purposes:


Narcotic is made by combining narcoberries with rotten meat. This will assist you in keeping critters docile while keeping them sleepy.

Food Taming

Certain animals prefer ruined meat than raw or prepared meat. These are the creatures:

Araneo Arthropluera Karkinos Pulmonoscorpius Vulture

Spoil Meat Fast In ARK
Spoil Meat Fast In ARK

Characters Must Be Killed

In a difficult scenario, you can even kill characters such as enemies or your own character. When knocked out or caught, force feed foes to murder them.

This was your tutorial to spoiling meat in ARK: Survival Evolved: Survival has evolved.

People also ask

Is it possible to make meat rot faster in Ark?

That being said, finding a storage container and splitting a single stack into all of the slots is the easiest way to speed up this procedure without downloading any mods or employing a trick. Instead than waiting for heaps of meat to spoil one by one, they will all spoil at the same time.
Spoil Meat Fast In ARK
Spoil Meat Fast In ARK

In Ark, how long does it take for meat to spoil?

One stack of 20 fresh beef in a feeding trough spoils in 13.33 hours. Keep this in mind when caring for young or adolescent dinosaurs.

What causes the rotting meat ark?

Spoiled Meat can also be obtained by killing Vultures and harvesting their bodies, or by collecting dead Basilosaurus from Ragnarok.

How do you quickly deteriorate food?

If you don’t reheat food until it has boiled for at least 5 minutes before storing it, it will spoil faster. Allowing the food to come to a boil before cooling and storing it in the refrigerator not only prevents food spoiling, but also ensures that it is safe to eat.

In Ark, how can you spawn rotting meat?

Use the command admin cheat summon 13 to spawn Spoiled Meat. Please check the GFI command for more information on how to spawn. Copying the link! Spoiled Meat has the class name Primal Item Consumable SpoiledMeat C.

Is fertilizer bad for the ark?

Fertilizer lasts a long time, so you won’t have to worry about fertilizer for a long time after you set up your crop plot.

What exactly is super test meat in Ark?

Your character consumes the Super Test Meat and regains some food and health. Super Test Meat, like other perishables, will spoil after a specified length of time (1 minute in a player’s inventory). When layered, the Super Test Meat will only rot one off the stack at a time before resetting the timer.

Why does meat spoil more quickly?

Bacteria causes raw meat to deteriorate faster. Cooking meat just kills the microorganisms on the flesh, giving it extra time before it spoils.

Why does meat decay so quickly?

Spoilage is caused by the unavoidable infection and subsequent decomposition of meat by bacteria and fungus carried by the animal, the persons handling the meat, and their tools.

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