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In the zombie dynamic runner game Zombeast: Survival Zombie Shooter, you must fight to survive in the infected city while slaying hordes of zombies with a variety of weaponry. Additionally, you’ll have to complete a variety of activities, and the character development system will let you alter your character however you like. The gameplay is more varied thanks to excellent graphics and a large selection of settings.

In the first-person shooter Zombeast, you take on the role of a survivor of the zombie apocalypse as you navigate a variety of environments infested with the voracious undead. Your objective is to finish each level while attempting to perform all of the assignments that have been given to you.

Zombeast’s gameplay is rather unique. While you may shoot, recharge, and switch weapons using your right thumb, you can only move your character forward and backward with your left thumb. However, you don’t need to bother about aiming because your character will automatically point towards the nearest foe.

Survival Zombie Shoote
Survival Zombie Shooter

Making it a specific distance is the game’s primary goal throughout all of its levels. Having saying that, you can attempt to finish a number of quests along the road to gain a variety of rewards. These missions have objectives like killing a specified quantity of zombies, employing a given weapon, avoiding hits, and so on.

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You can purchase new weaponry between stages using the money you earn. You’ll start out with just a shotgun and a revolver, but as you progress through the game, you’ll be able to unlock a tonne of new things, such as hand grenades and even armour.

Zombeast is a fantastic first-person shooter with outstanding touch screen gameplay, unreal graphics, and a substantial story mode. You can also access an endless mode in which you play continuously until the zombies successfully kill you.

The Zombeast App is a free offline survival first-person shooter. Play the zombie game right away!
Become an expert zombie slayer by mastering a variety of weapons!


The goal of the revolutionary OFFLINE survival shooter Zombeast is to eliminate every single zombie.
You were left to fend for yourself in a zombie-infested metropolis.
You must develop high-level zombie killing skills in order to repel an army of the dead!

You have the chance to survive in the brutal zombie apocalypse in an exciting adventure. You must use all of your abilities to stay alive and chase down each dead target in this first-person shooter zombie game since every day could be your last. Pull the trigger right away and keep in mind that dead guys don’t make mistakes.

A STORY-DRIVEN SURVIVAL SHOOTER with intense gameplay, moody graphics, and chilling audio that portrays a terrifying zombie apocalypse. Campaign missions and side objectives offer ongoing challenges to defeat crazy zombies.

OFFLINE FPS ACTION • Kill zombies using pistols, sniper rifles, miniguns, shotguns, assault rifles, explosives, and even bats! • Unlock an armoury of zombie killer weapons and other gear to defeat swarms of zombies!

Survival Zombie Shooter
Survival Zombie Shooter


• Get to know your adversaries, as each has special characteristics of their own. zombies that are overweight, leap, crazy and wield swords, and toxic. We have not left behind any kind of dead target!
• zombie game: simple to learn, challenging to master. The basic rule of survival in this first-person shooter is to eliminate every zombie you encounter. Pull the trigger while hiding behind the cars and barricades that were left for you at each site.

SURVIVE AS LONG AS POSSIBLE • Use the endless run mode to practise your zombie-killing techniques on a variety of dead prey.
• A zombie game that can be played offline that is updated regularly with new missions, features, and material.


• Move forward as a zombie killer or turn into a target for the dead. Fast-paced First Person Shooter (FPS) action in a zombie survival game!
• The zombie murderer is inhumane. As long as you can, survive!

A VARIETY OF OFFLINE GAME MODES • Seek out levels with mutators, where each dead target grows stronger and faster!
• In this first-person shooter zombie game, destroy crazy zombies with upgraded weaponry!

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