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Diablo Immortal has been keeping fans on their toes, whether for good or ill. As they explore around the Sanctuary, gamers must complete several objectives. Completing several dungeons is one way for players to advance in the game. The Temple of Namari Dungeon in Diablo Immortal is one of these. So, here’s your instructions to finishing this dungeon.

Diablo Immortal
Diablo Immortal

How to Complete Diablo Immortal’s Namari Dungeon

To complete this dungeon, players must first visit the Bilefen storyline’s ‘Final Summoning.’ This is the seventh quest in the tale. After defeating three random sub-bosses, you will face the final boss, Sargoth. Here’s how to approach this boss:

Diablo Immortal
Diablo Immortal

This part will take you through a single corridor.

This will take you to a vast chamber that is shut off with a fog gate.
In the hall, defeat the Skeletal Warriors and Archers.
The barrier will immediately be removed.
Namari is now in the center of the next chamber.
Speak with Namari.
Two waves of skeletons will now emerge from the ground. Be cautious when dealing with the Skeletal Mage and Skeletal Marauder.
Remove the mystical barrier by defeating the skeletons.

Diablo Immortal
Diablo Immortal

The Second Section

Three Skeletal Mages can be found in this section.

These Mages will summon various creatures.
First, destroy the summons. This will remove the wizards’ protection.
Move quickly because when they die, they will burst into blue flames.
After you’ve dealt with them, pursue the summoned monsters.

Section Three

This chamber will resemble the previous one with the magicians.

These wizards, on the other hand, will be more difficult to deal with.
The mages here will be outfitted with invincible shields.
To remove the shields, kill all of the summoned demons in the middle of the ring.
Now that you’ve cleared the area, Namari will open the door to Sargoth’s lair.
How to Defeat Sargoth in Namari’s Temple
Here are all of Sargoth’s key abilities that you should be aware of Sargoth’s Nephalem Warrior Summon ability summons four ADDs to battle with him.
Missiles of Fire — One of his AoE strikes in which he rains down blue flame projectiles.
Another of his AoE attacks is Freezing Spikes. He will spawn and shatter a few spiked orbs in the game here.

The easiest approach to battle him is to stay close to him while striking him with your melee weapon. Then, whenever he uses an AoE attack, you should leap out of the way. We also recommend working in groups of at least two players to make navigating the dungeon and battling this boss much easier.

Diablo Immortal
Diablo Immortal

What are the Mini-bosses summoned by Sargoth?

Here are all of the possible minibosses summoned by Sargoth in Diablo Immortal.

Coldsnap – This boss can deal ice damage by raising his mace and smashing down on a specific area.
Siegebreaker – This boss has a charged strike that knocks players into the air and causes a significant amount of damage when struck.
Sargoth employs three different types of marauders. One can spin, another can dash, and the last can launch homing bullets at the player. As you attempt to complete the Temple of Namari Dungeon, be wary of this three-in-one boss.
Fallen War Matron – This is a miniboss that you must avoid at all costs. Before its quadruple slamming attack, make sure you’re not standing in the same spot.

Torrid One — Attack this miniboss from behind or on the side, as its fiery rings are lethal.
Voracity – This undead boss will spray incredibly hazardous poison puddles that are impossible to avoid.

After defeating three of these, you will have to face Sargoth.

This was your guide to completing Diablo Immortal’s Temple of Namari dungeon. Check out this tutorial on how to complete the Clearing the Cobwebs bounty for additional information.

Diablo Immortal
Diablo Immortal

People also ask

Is Diablo Immortal a free game?

“Diablo Immortal,” a new mobile role-playing game from Activision Blizzard, is free to play, as are many comparable titles on the market (or F2P).

Is Diablo Immortal still on the way?

Blizzard brings the arena’s top of the line motion RPG franchise to mobile devices and PC as a loose-to-play recreation with Diablo Immortal, so one can be published on June 2, 2022.

How do I install Diablo Immortal on my PC?

Install BlueStacks on your computer. At the bottom of your BlueStacks screen, click the “Diablo Immortal” icon. To installation the sport, complete the Google Sign-in system. To begin playing, go to the home screen and select the Diablo Immortal icon.

Is Diablo Immortal available on several platforms?

Yes, Diablo Immortal supports cross-progression, which means that players may use the same account to play on PC or mobile, and their progress will be carried over when they switch platforms.

Is Diablo Immortal available for free on PC?

The Diablo Immortal is a loose-to-play, on line-only game that enables move-play and go-development, which means that a single person can boost the equal man or woman on each mobile and desktop.

How do I connect Diablo Immortal PC to my phone?

To enable Diablo Immortal crossplay on both mobile and PC, simply create a character on mobile and then navigate to the ‘account’ tab of the settings menu. Then, select ‘connect your account’ and connect it to your account.

What is the price of Diablo 3?

The base game is available for $19.99 USD on PC. The Battle Chest, which includes Reaper of Souls and the Crusader class, costs $29.99 USD. For $39.99 USD, you may get the Eternal Collection, which includes everything mentioned above as well as the Necromancer class.

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