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The baby in yellow game walkthrough

The Baby in Yellow is a first-person horror game in which you are trapped in a house with a strange baby. Your babysitting job appears to be typical until you notice something is wrong, and the child you’re watching is more dangerous than he appears and thats when things starts to get interesting.

Following the success of this game on Windows, The Baby In Yellow is now available to play on Android smartphones, providing you with yet another chance to scare yourself silly.

The Baby In Yellow uses highly realistic 3D graphics to illustrate each room in the game’s home. The sound effects also contribute to the eerie mood, and the plot becomes scarier with each level.

To progress in this game, you must accomplish the actions listed on the left side of the screen. Tap on the virtual joystick to move about the settings, then use the controls on the right to change the camera. You can also tap on things, which is useful to remember because some of them may be required to complete objectives.


You’ll learn more about the infant and why he acts so strangely as you complete obstacles. But don’t let your guard down; he could attack you at any time. If you wish to survive the night, do everything you can to unravel the secret of this baby’s unusual behaviour.


The Baby In Yellow (com.TeamTerrible.BabyInYellow) - 1.2 - Game - APKsPC


  • Yellow Baby is a popular game, with YouTubers watching it and everything, but you should download it. It’s not one of those ads that keeps popping up all the time, so please download it since the developer would appreciate it if you did.
  • Puzzles that are intriguing. There is a lot of detail. The graphics are excellent, and the gameplay is fluid. There was never any lag or issues. It’s a little difficult to handle, but it works.
  • In comparison to other horror games, the graphics are quite good. It was a lovely small narrative line that didn’t take long to finish.
  • It’s simple, a little repetitious at first, but it quickly becomes pretty challenging…not too easy, not too hard, just have to be awake, and it’s frightening. It’s brief, but hey, it’s free!¬†such an enjoyable game.
  • The graphics are excellent, and the baby is both amusing and frightening.
  • This game is legitimate. Though it does not have many jumpscares, it is one of the best horror games. Unlike other monotonous horror games in which you are trapped in a haunted house and must solve puzzles to escape, this game will provide you with an entirely fresh experience.
  • Very good The glitches are few, and the attention to detail is superb.

Baby In Yellow Full Gameplay - YouTube

People also ask

Is The Baby In Yellow a scary game?

A brief horror game in which you must care for a child as things become increasingly bizarre… * Attempt to flee. The Yellow Baby

Why is The Baby In Yellow evil?
The caretaker attempted to change his diaper after feeding him. However, when changing his diaper, the baby morphed into a devilish shape. Assuming that he was possessed by an evil entity, the sitter tries to exorcise the Baby with a talisman discovered in the parent’s chamber on the second day.
the baby in yellow
What is the story of The Baby In Yellow?
You play an everyday babysitter in Team Terrible’s The Baby In Yellow, produced for GMTK Jam 2020. Unfortunately, this is not your typical infant. Even the most seasoned babysitters would think twice about seating this child again. It must be done five nights in a row in The Baby In Yellow.
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Can I play The Baby In Yellow on PC?
NoxPlayer is compatible with Android 7 and supports running over 90% of mobile games on PC, which will greatly improve your gaming experience.
Does The Baby In Yellow have Jumpscares?
All jumpscares All endings – The Baby In Yellow – YouTube
Is The Baby In Yellow based on a true story?
The plot revolves around a mother-daughter relationship that involves developmental disability and childlike behaviour. The film is based on the true tale of Gauri Gadgil, a special needs youngster who also plays herself in the film. The film was released to critical praise on April 4, 2014.
Is The Baby In Yellow a multiplayer game?
Like multiplayer, where there are many demon babies and up to four players. And there’s a free play mode where you can invite friends and play as a baby or a nanny, and when you choose baby, you can choose whether you’re in demon form or not.


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