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The Minecraft – The Wild update is touted to be eerie and foreboding, with a focus on “horror creatures” and the natural outdoors. However, not all of the monsters are dark and eerie. In fact, some, such as the Allays, can be rather sociable.

So, today we’ll look at how to find and tame Allays in the Minecraft – The Wild update.

Where to Find and Tame Allays in Minecraft: The Wild


The Allay is a passive flying creature that was included in the most recent Minecraft – The Wild update. These creatures may appear angry or unapproachable at first appearance, yet they are actually quite friendly and even helpful at times. They are not only entertaining to watch flutter around, but you can also tame and use them to help you do various objectives throughout the game.

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Where Can I Find Allays?

Villagers frequently imprison Allays. This implies they can only be found in two locations: the Pillager Outpost and the Woodland Mansion. You can either use your map to find these areas or use the “/locate” command to find them. in which case you would;

In Minecraft, open the chat function and type “/locate mansion” or “/locate pillager outpost.”
Follow the directions to one of these landmarks.

Once you’ve found one of these locations, you’ll need to look about for a while to find the Allays. The Allays will be imprisoned in dark oak cages outside the main tower at the Pillager Outpost. Though they were occasionally discovered in little tents or scarecrows.


The Allays will be imprisoned in cobblestone cells at the Woodland Mansion, which generally spawn inside the mansion. Keep in mind that these structures are extremely rare and dangerous, so you might be better off looking for a Pillager Outpost.

You can spawn an Allay just like any other Minecraft mob if you have an Allay spawn egg.

How to Control Allays

You can now tame the Allays once you’ve liberated them to help you with various tasks. Specifically, fetching specific objects. You must perform the following to accomplish this:

Take something from your inventory that you wish them to have.
Interact with it to give it to the Allay.
The Allay will now seek for and collect the identical item before returning it to you. The Allay, on the other hand, will fly around aimlessly until you give them something else to do. Furthermore, while you cannot hurt them after you have tamed them, they can be readily injured by other species. So, if you want to keep your Allay alive, you must be cautious and keep a constant eye on them.


That’s all there is to know about finding and taming Allays in the Minecraft – The Wild update. Check out some of our other Minecraft-related content. For example, how to employ Sculk Shriekers in the Minecraft: The Wild update. In addition, we have a separate guides area with extra information on other popular gaming titles.

People also ask

Can you control Allays in Minecraft?

Technically, an Allay cannot be tamed in Minecraft. However, if you want this mob to follow you around like tamed mobs, you must give Allay an item. You can use any ordinary item, such as a button, or even a rare item, such as a diamond, to complete the task.

Where can I locate allays?

Pillager Outposts and Woodland Mansions are where you’ll find the Allay. When approaching Pillager Outposts, look for cages around the perimeter. You should find an Allay inside that you can set free. Allays will spawn within jail cells in Woodland Mansions, which you must also destroy in order to liberate them.

How do you create Allay?

Allay spawns locked inside wooden cages generated around Pillager Outposts, similar to Iron Golems. Each cage may house up to three Allays at once. To assist Allay in escaping, you must break the wooden framework. Once released, the Allay begins travelling until it comes across dropped objects.

What exactly do allays do in Minecraft?

What exactly does the Allay do? The Allay is a helpful mob who enjoys collecting goods. You can hand an object to the Allay, and it will fly around gathering up and collecting any similar items that it discovers laying on the ground. It will not, however, mine blocks on its own.

Why isn’t my Allay dancing?

According to Mojang’s most recent patch notes, when an Allay hears a Jukebox playing, it will perform a dance animation. The Allay will cease dancing if the Jukebox stops playing or if it moves too far away from the Jukebox.


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