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The new Disney Pixar film Inside Out is entertaining for the entire family, and the new Inside Out Thought Bubbles game is entertaining for kids of all ages as well as boring adults who want to experience an arcade type game from their childhood. Here’s everything you need to know about the game Inside Out Thought Bubbles.

Inside Out Thought Bubbles is a free-to-play game that features Bust-A-Move-style gameplay inside an Inside Out world with characters and goals based on the film. Different hue bubbles correspond to different emotions that users must control and match in order to accomplish stages.

Inside Out Thought Bubbles
Inside Out Thought Bubbles

Use this as a quick reference for parents to read before playing Inside Out Thought Bubbles, or to assist lead players to the correct road to victory.

What exactly are Inside Out Thought Bubbles?

The Inside Out Thought Bubbles game takes place inside Riley’s skull, and players must work their way through 125 levels using different emotions and special power ups.

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Players must match the thought bubbles they throw onto the board with those already above the playing field. There are power-ups to help players get through the most difficult areas. At its most basic, this is a matching game for kids of all ages, but more advanced levels require some thought.

Inside Out Thought Bubbles is a game that can be played on the iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows, Windows Phone, and Amazon Fire.

Rating for Inside Out Thought Bubbles

The Inside Out Thought Bubbles game has an Apple rating of 4+ and a Google Play rating of Everyone. This implies that the game does not include any undesirable content according to Apple’s guidelines. “Content is typically suitable for all ages,” according to Google Play’s Everyone rating. “There may be minor cartoon, fantasy, or moderate violence, as well as sporadic usage of mild language.”

We haven’t received any serious concerns from parents or users concerning the game’s content’s suitability.

Thought Bubbles, Ads, and Social Networks from the Inside Out

The Inside Out Thought Bubbles game contains advertisements, which some parents may be concerned about. Here’s a primer on what’s in the game so parents can decide if the options are appropriate for their children, as well as how they should manage adverts and connectivity options. According to Disney Pixar,

To connect with others, use social media links.
the option to accept push notifications to notify you of exciting updates such as new content links to online stores to purchase real products registration to create or sign in using a Disney/an existing account advertising for some third parties as well as advertising for The Walt Disney Family of Companies
It is not unexpected to encounter advertisements or options to purchase products within games, but parents must ensure that their children understand how to treat these alternatives.

Inside Out Thought Bubbles
Inside Out Thought Bubbles

App Purchases with Inside Out Thought Bubbles

Inside Out Thought Bubbles, like most free-to-play games, are available as in-app purchases that players may use to advance through harder levels and acquire power ups. The prices range from 99 cents to $49.99 for a Gem Pack that provides assistance in completing levels.

The ability to spend nearly $50 in-game is one reason why parents should use Family Sharing to control in-app purchases or discuss these alternatives with their children.

After completing the easy levels, many players may feel compelled to purchase a gem pack in order to complete a particularly difficult level. Cornn1p, an iTunes customer, writes:

“Addictive game, but as others have stated, once you reach a certain level, it is impossible to win without spending money on gems.” Perhaps include a means to earn gems like in other games by watching advertising, etc. It’s really aggravating to be stuck on the same level for eternity with no means to progress. This software, like the other games that make it impossible to play without spending a lot of money, will eventually be deleted.”

This is a pretty typical criticism levelled with free-to-play games.

Power-ups for Inside Out Thought Bubbles

Inside Out Thought Bubbles Power-ups and powers will be required to complete some of the more difficult levels. Each emotion has a power that can be used, and there are three other paid power ups that players can purchase using gems, which must be purchased with real money.

Once charged, use the Joy Power-up to clear any orbs of a specific hue in a burst.
Sadness Power-up – Unlock at level 15 to turn all orbs in a straight line blue and knock off orbs below them.
Anger Power-up – Unlock at Level 51 to shoot a fireball in a straight line through orbs.
Line Power – 5 Gems Unlocked at Level 8 – This allows you to lengthen your targeting line.
Rainbow Memory – 5 Gems Unlocked at Level 13 – Match all colours that this orb lands on.

Extra Options – Unlocks 5 Gems at Level 19 – Adds two extra orbs to your launcher.
You’ll need to learn which of these power-ups works best in various scenarios as you go through the four types of Inside Out Thought Bubbles levels.

Inside Out Thought Bubbles
Inside Out Thought Bubbles

People also ask

Inside Out thought bubbles have how many levels?

The Inside Out Thought Bubbles game takes place inside Riley’s skull, and players must work their way through 125 levels using different emotions and special power ups.

What can I take away from the film Inside Out?

Inside Out reminds us to embrace our completeness, to give ourselves permission to not be “okay,” and to allow those around us to work through their emotional realizations. It is not about avoiding unpleasant sensations, but rather about confronting them in order to be honest with ourselves and progress.

What are your thoughts on the film Inside Out?

The plot’s distinctive perspective is that the audience meets a number of characters within Riley’s thoughts. Each of these characters represents a different emotion, such as anger, sadness, joy, contempt, or anxiety. As the plot progresses and Riley struggles to acclimatize to her new surroundings

What are four intriguing things in fantasy land?

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Forest of French Fries Giant boxes of French fries stand at the entrance to Imagination Land… Trophy Town. Trophy Town is a location filled with massive trophies…. Cloud Town…. Lava Pits…. House of Cards…. Imaginary Boyfriend Generator…. Preschool World…. Graham Cracker Castle.

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