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A brand-new life-simulation farming game called Dinkum is situated on an island with a wild Australian vibe. The game’s two primary activities are farming and raising poultry. As a shipwrecked island, the player wants his surroundings to be spotless and ideal, but they aren’t quite there yet. Uneven lands can be levelled using the terraforming process and a compactor. The land is then ideal for utilization. In Dinkum, you can terraform your property by consulting our guide, which covers all pertinent information.

Dinkum Terraforming
Dinkum Terraforming

Dinkum Terraform

The parcel of land can be cleared using a traditional shovel, but it will take some time. The best technique to Terraform a land is with a compactor. Get a compactor by doing the following:

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In Dinkum, obtain a compactor

In Dinkum, a special license is required for each activity. The same goes for unlocking a compactor; you need an excavation license.
The non-playable character in this game that exchanges licence for permit points is called Fletch.
Go to Fletch’s tent to pay 500 PP for an excavation license.
To start the conversation, go to Franklyn’s tent and engage with him.
“Can you make something for me?” should be clicked.
Track down the Compactor by scrolling down.
To buy the Compactor for 50,000 Dinks, simply click on it.
The Compactor is now usable from the inventory.

Table of Contents

Use of a Compactor

Take the Compactor out of storage and equip it.
Approach a rocky area of ground.
Use the Compactor to move dirt and level the ground as you walk through the area.
It can only be applied to the area that is directly beneath the character.


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