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In Tower of Fantasy, humanity is forced to abandon Earth in favour of the lush and habitable alien world of Aida due to dwindling resources and a lack of energy. There they studied the comet Mara and found the mysterious but potent “Omnium” energy it contained.

With its expansive open world, Tower of Fantasy is a PC and mobile RPG that aims high. Citizens of the planet Aida, where the game is set, constructed a structure known as the Omnium Tower in an effort to capture a comet named Mara.

Main characters in Tower of Fantasy are separated into two categories on the official website:

“Characters” and “Simulacrums.” The Simulacrum is a store where you can purchase Simulacra, artificial intelligences with the bodies and personalities of legendary figures from antiquity.

There will be a minimum of 12 Characters and Simulacra available at the time of the game’s release in the United States. The weapons and play styles of each character are different.

The Characters from Fantasy’s Highest Tower

Table of Contents

1. Shirli

Whenever she can, Shirli will jump in to help a friend out of a jam. Zeke is her older brother, and she is the one who rescues the player after they pass out near the Shelter.

2. Zeke

Zeke is the leader of the Astra Shelter and Shirli’s stoic older brother. In his mind, it’s his duty to keep his friends and family safe. He’s armed with a massive sword and a pistol.

3. Frigg

Frigg is a stoic woman with long red hair who carries a huge blade reminiscent of a katana. She is the Sage’s trusted right hand and does everything he or she says.

A post-apocalyptic tale of rescue and destruction, Tower of Fantasy is an open-world, 3D video game. It has a free-roaming world to discover, a janky science fiction aesthetic, puzzles to solve, and a brisk pace in battle.

As a brand new massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG), Tower of Fantasy is being created by Hotta Studios and will be published by Perfect World. The Unreal Engine 4-powered, free-to-play title will feature a variety of action role-playing game (RPG), open world, and major story elements.

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