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There are several different types of Nintendo Switch chargers available, including wall adapters, mobile bricks, and attachable battery packs. They are all made to keep you playing without worrying about running out of power. It’s a little trickier to select the best Nintendo Switch charger for your needs than it is to connect your console to anything. There are several options available, whether you’ve lost your official cable or are searching for something to keep those lengthy road trips running.

The market for the top Nintendo Switch chargers is always expanding. From whole replacement docks that plug into a single wall outlet to portable power banks with bags of batteries inside, everything is now available. That’s good news because chargers are among of the most practical Nintendo Switch accessories you can get your hands on, despite not being thought of right away. These days’ heavier console games can quickly drain your battery, especially if you’re still playing ones that were first released in 2017.

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Although we have seen them in the past, there are sadly not many Nintendo Switch bundles or Nintendo Switch Lite bargains that include an extra cable. To get you through longer sessions, you’ll need to get a spare.

To ensure that you get the most out of either purchase, we have compiled a list of the top Nintendo Switch chargers currently available.

Nintendo Switch AC Adapter

Regarding this item

-Any 120 volt outlet can be used to power your Nintendo Switch system by plugging in the AC adapter; You can recharge the battery with the AC adapter even if you’re playing.
-100 to 240 V 50/60 Hz as the input 1 A

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the official AC Adapter is at the top of our list since, to put it simply, it is unrivalled in terms of quality and dependability. The business is renowned for having high standards, and this situation is no different. Even better, this is the exact same plug that came with your console in the box.

The official Nintendo Switch charger is so tempting because of this. You are well aware of what to anticipate and may relax knowing that it will unquestionably function with your console. After all, having confidence in a pricey system like the Nintendo Switch is crucial.

 Genki Covert Dock

Compatible Technology Gaming systems and tablet connectivity Portable Bluetooth Special Feature USB Brand Human Things Input Voltage 240 Volts

Regarding this item

-Gaming hardware project with the most crowd funding in 2019 – Nintendo Switch tactical stealth dock that serves as both a dock and a charger. Approximately one-tenth the size of the Nintendo Switch dock and charger.
-PD According to Nintendo Switch power specifications, compliant and built- The dock is manufactured with a high-quality power management chip and is designed for dependability to ensure the safety of ALL devices. Unlike an AC power plug, the charging adapter’s electricity is simply inserted into the socket, thus there are no fixed cords to wear out over time.

-With this multipurpose everyday item that charges, connects, and streams, you can travel light. Simply plug the concealed dock into a power outlet, link the USB-C wire from the Nintendo console to it, and then connect the HDMI cable to a TV or monitor. Charges the Switch, MacBook, iPad Pro, iPhones, and Android smartphones and tablets.

-More devices than just the Switch can stream content! Any video from a DisplayPort device can be connected, including videos from Android phones, MacBooks, iPads with the USB-C connector, and most laptops. Connect devices like controllers, microphones, Bluetooth speakers, mice, ethernet, etc. with the USB-A connector.
-Convenient Supercharger: 10 times smaller than the current dock and charger, it is an excellent portable option for watching movies or playing video games. Any monitor can be a playground with the 6 foot long USB-C 3.1 cable that is included.

PowerPort Atom PD1 by Anker

Connectivity Usb Brand Anker Wattage USB Connector Type 100 watts

Please be patient with us when we explain that the Atom represents a revolution in charging. Despite appearing to be a stylish plug, it can quickly recharge your Switch console (just 2 hours and 20 minutes in our tests, from 0 percent to 100 percent ). That makes it significantly better than the default Nintendo version.

So, your console cannot be used while docked. However, Anker’s Atom is unrivalled if you need a compact charger for when you’re on the road. It’s compact, portable, and comfortably fits within the finest Nintendo Switch case(opens in new tab).

Just keep in mind that the Atom doesn’t come with its own USB-C cable, so you’ll need one to operate it. The main drawback is that, though. It’s conceivably the greatest Nintendo Switch charger available at the moment.

Currently, it’s a little difficult to obtain this type in the UK, therefore we suggest the 30W PowerIQ model, which costs about £25 instead (opens in new tab).

 Anker PowerCore 26800mAh

Phones that work with iPhone XS Color White, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR from Apple
Product Iphone Brand Anker Connector Type USB Type C, Micro USB, Lightning Recommended Uses

Regarding this item

-Join the 50 million+ people powered by Anker’s cutting-edge technology.
-Amazingly Small and Lightweight: One of the tiniest and most portable 10000mAh chargers. almost three and a half charges for an iPhone 8 or two and a half charges for a Galaxy S8.
-High-Speed Charging: Anker’s proprietary Power IQ and Voltage Boost work together to give any device the fastest charge possible. Quick Charge from Qualcomm is not supported.

-Anker’s MultiProtect safety solution is certified safe and guarantees total security for both you and your devices.
-Anker PowerCore 10000 portable charger, Micro USB cable, travel pouch, welcome guide, worry-free 18-month warranty, and helpful customer support all included in the package. Separately sold are the USB-C

GuliKit Portable Power Bank for Nintendo Switch

Compact body takes no disturbance during gaming and lightweight design allows to easily travel. Detachable back mount design lets you easy slide to detach or lock for charging.
Longer gaming time of 8 hours with 5000mAh capacity. High-speed charging and recharging are provided concurrently via an integrated USB-C cable and USB-C port.

Switch Lite adapter charging is supported by built-in USB-C DRP technology. protection from multiple hazards, including high temperatures, over-voltage, over-current, and short circuits.
Current line compensation, intelligent plug-in and plug-out recognition, and up to 92 percent conversion efficiency.
Smart current adjustment for charging that is compatible with all kinds of charging adapters supports charging devices with a maximum 5V/2.5A current for all smartphones and tablets.

Best Switch Portable Chargers, Batteries And Power Banks - Nintendo Life

Question and Answers

Can a phone charger be used to charge a Nintendo Switch?

You can use your phone charger to charge the Nintendo Switch because it shares the same USB-C port as many smartphones and tablets. As a result, you won’t need to pack individual cables for each of your devices while travelling.

A Nintendo Switch uses what kind of charger?

The Nintendo Switch can be charged through a USB-C port with a maximum power demand of 13.5W for the Lite model and 18W for the original and OLED models. We advise utilizing a 30W or 45W charger to juice up quickly for the quickest results.

Safeness of unauthorised Nintendo Switch chargers?

It’s okay to use third-party Nintendo Switch chargers. There can be some confusion here with reports of third-party Nintendo Switch docks having issues soon after introduction. Although we advise caution when utilising these less expensive docking stations, using an external adapter, power bank, or USB-C cable is secure.

Can I charge my Nintendo Switch using a 30W charger?

The Switch’s 10W USB-A charger is the only one known to support it. Charges Switch under all gaming circumstances with an Apple 29W/30W. In handheld mode, the fastest charge is possible. Charges Switch under all gameplay circumstances with Apple 61W.

Does a Nintendo Switch require a unique charger to be charged?

Having said that, every Switch model should be able to charge and play simultaneously with any USB-C charger. Using a USB-A charger will yield varying results. If you must use one, connect it to the Switch when the battery is still fully charged for the optimum performance.

Safeness of third-party Switch chargers?

A third-party USB charger or power bank can be used to charge the Nintendo Switch without risk. No verifiable reports of a Switch console being harmed by a high-quality charger exist.

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