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Roblox Grand Piece Online features some of different Fighting Styles, every with its own set of strengths and boundaries .Learning any of them will, of course, necessitate spending some in-game currency and sparring with some of the First Sea’s most ferocious opponents.

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Learning the Two Sword Style allows you to equip two swords at once, doing double the damage to your enemies. However, you must first collect 50,000 Peli and study all 1 Sword Style attacks in order to obtain this knowledge. Following that, you must travel to Sashi Island, which is located in the Second Sea, north of the Desert Kingdom’s City of Verdas.


When you get on Sashi Island, look for Musashi. You can spar with him if you speak with him, but it will cost you 10,000 Peli. Defeating him, on the other hand, will grant you a Book of Nitoryu, which will steadily improve your 2 Sword Style skill level. To max up the skill tree, you must defeat him five times.

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People also ask

Can you have 2 fighting styles in GPO?

Trivia. Having two fighting styles at the same time is impossible. If you have a fighting style, you can always get it back by visiting the appropriate trainer without having to re-learn all of the skills, but you must still pay the necessary fees.

Where is the sword style in grand piece online?

On Roca Island, speak with Jaggy to learn this combat style. You must also purchase Jaggy’s moves.

Where is 1SS in grand piece online?

On the same island, there are 999 people. It is possible to locate One-Sword Style, which is required to unlock the 1SS (Roca Island).


How do you get the black leg in Grandplace online?

You’ll need to find Yome, one of Don Krieg’s Krieg Pirates, once you’ve arrived in Baratie. You can learn Black Leg Style by speaking with the NPC, but it will cost you 9,000 Peli.

How do you get devil fruit in Grand piece?

Apart from spawning, there are various alternative ways to obtain Devil Fruits.
The player destroys Marine ships while ship farming. … Dungeons, a form of “raid” in which the player(s) defeats foes with the possibility of dropping fruits. …
Devil Fruits can also be obtained by defeating Sea Serpents or Krakens.

What is leg fruit GPO?

The Paramecia devil fruit Ashi Ashi no Mi (Leg Leg Fruit) offers the capacity to place legs on any object and manipulate them.


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