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An open-world MMORPG called Tower of Fantasy is located in Aida. Humanity constructed the Omnium Tower in an effort to obtain the potent energy known as Omnium from the comet Mara. The effects of this activity, however, were severe. You must go through Aida’s open environment to gather a variety of resources and stuff. These cannot be disregarded because they are essential for development and, in many cases, even for your existence. If you don’t want to go exploring to get these products, TOF offers shops where you can buy them. There are, however, many different kinds of businesses and stores. All the many sorts of shops in Tower of Fantasy are described in this shop guide.

Various Store Types in the Tower of Fantasy Shop

The stores adhere to this because TOF’s Currency System is a little different. The game features a variety of shops. Each offers a variety of products that you can buy. Additionally, each will have a somewhat different purchase currency. Here is a list of every sort of shop in Tower of Fantasy.

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Major Store

Five stores are located inside TOF’s main store. These shops offer a variety of items that are undoubtedly necessary for moving forward in the game. The Main Shop’s several store kinds are as follows:

Monthly passes, regular passes, rookie supplies, and adventure packs are all available at Wanderer’s Supplies. Be on the lookout for good deals because these tend to change. However, actual money is used to pay for the things at this store.

Hykros Supply Box, Banges Supply Box, and Black Market Supply Box are all available from Daily Supply Box. Tanium is the store’s sort of currency.
Stuff in the HOT store are frequently changing and are typically common items you would require in the game. Dark Crystals serve as the store’s currency.

Types of Shop in Tower of Fantasy

Tanium may be purchased from this shop in Tower of Fantasy. Purchase Reward Each pack of Tanium has a different price, and real money is used to buy them.
Limited Gift Pack – A Limited Gift Pack may be a Red Nucleus Pack or a Gift Pack. As the name implies, the packs are available for a brief period of time and can be bought with Tanium.

Weapons Depot

One of the most significant shops in Tower of Fantasy is the Weapon Store. This store offers every weapon and weapon upgrade item that is available. More and more stuff will become accessible as you go through the game and advance in stages. You need Black Gold to buy these weapons.

Team Store

Crew points or Merit points are required for this store. You cannot purchase the things without it. As your crew level rises, the things in the Crew Store will also. So be sure to join a crew and benefit from these advantages.

Store Points

This store in Tower of Fantasy was constructed using a distinct gaming technique. Through participation in various Adventures, Challenges, and Training, you must accrue Training Points. Once you have a sufficient number of training points, you can spend them to buy products from the store.

Store at a theme park

Even while this isn’t really a shop, Tower of Fantasy nonetheless allows you to exchange rewards. You must complete the tasks in the amusement park, though, in order to redeem these rewards. After then, you can only redeem them while on Cetus Island.

Supporting Shop

The Support Store currently has nine goods available. They can be purchased using Support Points. You can check the limit and amount of each item when you go to buy them because they vary.

Store for Crystal Dust

The products in this Tower of Fantasy shop are updated every week on Mondays because it is a weekly store. Energy Crystal Dust will aid with the purchase of Relic Shards once you reach level 20 in the game. Normally, there are two SSR Relics and three SR Relics on exhibit.

Store Matrix

You can either buy Matrices or Matrix Data Packs at the Matrix Store. These are helpful for upgrading a player’s weapon’s Matrices. The things in the Matrix Store can be bought with Base Chips.

This Shop guide’s information on the many kinds of Stores in Tower of Fantasy should be sufficient. Check out our Tower of Fantasy guides while you’re here for more of this type of material. gaming vitals.

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