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A crucial component of Call of Duty Mobile is gun mechanics. As a result, there is plenty of flexibility for players to modify, enhance, and otherwise customize their weapons’ appearance and capabilities. Players can unlock various items like attachments and camos by completing tasks specific to each weapon. However, the player must put in a great deal of effort to unlock all other grindable camos for a specific rifle before they can unlock any of the camos from the Completionist collection, such as Gold, Platinum, and Damascus.

 Diamond Camo in Call of Duty Mobile
Diamond Camo in Call of Duty Mobile

Players must complete a specified amount of kills with a weapon for a specific number of matches in Call of Duty Mobile in order to get the Diamond camo. The required amount of kills and matches varies depending on the type of weapon. Players should be aware that they must first unlock Gold, Platinum, and Damascus camo for their preferred weapon in order to access the Diamond camo challenges. To acquire the Diamond camo in Call of Duty Mobile, you must first complete the challenges listed below for each weapon class.

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-Assault Rifles: 150 matches at 10 kills each
-SMG: 120 games with 10 kills each.
-120 matches, 10 kills per match, LMG
-Sniper Rifles: 120 games with 10 kills each.
-Shotguns: 10 Deaths every match for a total of 120 matches.
-10 kills per game with the pistol over 80 games.
-Melee: 500 kills overall using each weapon
-Launchers: Each launcher destroys 100 UAVs

 Diamond Camo in Call of Duty Mobile
Diamond Camo in Call of Duty Mobile

Best methods for Call of Duty Mobile’s Diamond Camo unlock

Play Free-for-All matches on compact maps like Shipment, Killhouse, and Nuketown if you’re wondering how to acquire the Diamond camo most effectively. As one can see, depending on the weapon of your choosing, it will take some perseverance and numerous matches to earn a Diamond camo. Therefore, it is ideal to play brief matches where you can consistently rack up kills. Just pick the optimal loadout for your preferred weapon, and keep stacking kills until you have finished the necessary number of kills and matches. Consider playing Hardpoint instead, as these games have lengthy matches that give you plenty of opportunities to score kills.

 Diamond Camo in Call of Duty Mobile
Diamond Camo in Call of Duty Mobile

People also ask

How can I achieve simple diamond camouflage?

In Cold War, you must first unlock all gold camouflage patterns for the assault rifle, submachine gun, tactical rifle, light machine gun, and sniper rifle weapon classes. All assault rifles’ diamond camo will also be unlocked once the gold camo is unlocked.

Why is Diamond Camo unavailable in COD Mobile?

Prior to beginning the grind for diamond camos for each weapon class, you must obtain the gold camo for every weapon in that class. You have to go all-in to use your preferred option to reach diamond camouflage without giving up any weapons.

What is the time required to unlock Diamond Camo?

For instance, you must obtain the gold camo for at least seven assault guns if you want the diamond camo for your Volk loadout. You must unlock the gold camo for each of the game’s three snipers if you want the diamond camo for your Kar98K loadout.

How can one obtain Platinum camouflage in Mobile?

Gold and Platinum were initially CoD Mobile’s best camo options. To obtain Gold for a weapon, you must complete all of its camouflage challenges. Once you have unlocked Gold for all of that weapon’s class’s weapons (such as SMGs and Assault Rifles), you can then wrap each of those weapons in Platinum.

In Call of Duty Mobile, how do you obtain Damascus camouflage?

By gaining access to Gold camos, Damascus camos for all weapons can be obtained. Unlock each of the nine different weapon categories in COD Mobile to obtain Gold camo. The Damascus camos were made available for players to grind and unlock on COD Mobile in October 2020.

How are diamonds converted to ML?

Streaming: Players will actually give you diamonds when you stream Mobile Legends, thus you can actually get paid for it. A flower costs two diamonds, jewellery costs six, a roadster costs 250 diamonds, a yacht costs one thousand diamonds, and an aeroplane costs five thousand diamonds. The best way to obtain free Mobile Legends diamonds is using this method.

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