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It’s clicker game season this summer! Idle clicker games are more well-liked than ever, thanks to the North American release of Tap My Katamari and the recent mobile smash AbyssRium. Particularly AbyssRium is a very lovely, serene experience that lets you take your time unlocked everything.

Toss it, though. The Coralite is lonely, therefore we’re going to provide it with as many fish companions as it could possibly desire. Here is a guide that will help you find every hidden fish that is currently accessible in AbyssRium. Before we begin, it should be noted that social media sharing and microtransactions are required to unlock everything.

Blue Clownfish: Snap three pictures of a clownfish.

Tap Tap Fish Abyssrium
Tap Tap Fish Abyssrium

Camel Cowfish: Send three times a photo of a blowfish.
Take five pictures of a tang to make a clown one.
Dolphin Commerson: Photograph Lonely Coralite and save it. 3 times (The game claims this, however it appears to be a bug. Save a dolphin image three times if you want the Commerson Dolphin to be fully unlocked.)
Convict Tang: Don’t touch the app or do anything else for an hour; just leave it open and running.
Cross Damsel: Photograph a damsel. 3 times
French Angel: Photograph an angelfish. 3 times
Hammerhead Shark: Take three copies of a shark photo.
Tap the screen’s upper-left corner a thousand times, Jewel Damsel.

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Spotted Boxfish in its juvenile stage: Open the app by clicking on a notification. After two hours of inactivity, you have a 10% chance of unleashing the fish.
Toadstool Turtle: Access 50 mystery boxes.
Mahi Mahi: Repeat ten times at midnight.
Manta Ray: Tweet three times a photo of a sting ray.
Mauve Stinger: Photograph a jellyfish. 10 times
Moorish Idol: Snap five images of the Mystery Chest while keeping your attention on the chest rather than the Coralite.
Narwhal: 5,000 times on the top-left corner
Play the game 20 times in a single day, Pajama Cardinal.

Potbelly Seahorse: Post a seahorse image three times.
Pygmy Seahorse: Five times at 4:00 a.m.
Randall Goby: Snap three pictures of a goby.

Scribbled Angelfish: ten times press the “see more” button on the photo screen.

Snowflake Clownfish: In the settings menu, press the Twitter icon ten times.

Tap Tap Fish Abyssrium
Tap Tap Fish Abyssrium

When you activate the app from a notification, there is a slight chance that you will be able to unlock the spotted Mandarin Dragonet.
Sprout Dottyback Post a picture to Twitter. 3 times
Whenever a striped marlin visits, just snap a photo of it. There is a little possibility that it will pass once every half hour.
the whale shark Simply launch the app by clicking on a notice, just like the spotted boxfish in the image above. After two hours of inactivity, you have a 10% chance of unleashing the fish.

Microtransactions are required to unlock the fish below.
Purchase the Junior Package, Lionfish.
Purchase the Beginner Package of Black & White Clownfish.
Buy the Master Package for the humpback whale.
Purchase the Supreme Package, Harp Seal.

People also ask

How can you get Tap Tap Fish’s vampire squid?

You need the blue table coral first, then you must tap the upper right corner of the screen 1,000 times to unlock the vampire squid. A Yellowfin Tuna must be fused with 2 Vampire Squid, 55 clams, 40 urchins, 20 crabs, and 10 urchins.

How to Find All Fish in Tap Tap Fish Abyssrium

Camel Cowfish: Three times, provide a photo of a blowfish.
Take five pictures of a tang to make a clown.
Commerson Dolphin: Save a photo of the Lonely Coralite three times (The game claims this, however it appears to be a problem.

How are cuttlefish obtained in Abyssrium?

Blue table coral is required for cuttlefish.
Purchase 3 Octopi.
Only the genuine “Octopus” fish will be taken into account.

How does Tap Tap Fish get striped marlin?

In-game time, Striped Marlin can show up every 30 minutes.

You only need to play for a long period and keep your eyes open if you want to view the timer. They’ll return if you miss them, but don’t miss them!

How can the whale shark be obtained in Tap Tap Fish?

When the game first launches, the Whale Shark is randomly unlocked upon notification. After 2 hours of inactivity, it has a 10% chance of becoming available. A Whitecheek Shark must be fused with 2 whale sharks, 100 clams, 50 urchins, 40 crabs, and 30 krill.

In Abyssrium, how do you obtain the leatherback turtle?

Unlock. You must open the Mystery Chest 50 times in order to unlock Leatherback Turtle.

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