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Once you get past the initial horror facade of Dead by Daylight, it becomes a highly competitive game of tag, with smart metagaming becoming a near-requirement. This is why it’s critical to stay up to date on the latest game developments; as the meta changes, totally new strategies can emerge or vanish. The game’s developers have insured that both will surely happen with their new June 2022 Developer Update. All of the modifications and patch notes for Dead by Daylight’s June 2022 update are listed here.

Dead by Daylight’s June 2022 Update Changes and Patch Notes

This update is complex, to say the least, with big changes to Dead by Daylight’s core mechanics and popular meta-pick bonuses. Let’s get right to it because there’s a lot to cover.

Changes in Progression

The developers are replacing the present system with a more streamlined one to make getting perks easier. When you prestige a character (level 50), first-tier versions of all of their benefits are automatically added to the inventory of every other character. There will be no more tinkering with the Bloodweb. Furthermore, prestiging a character does not reset their perks, add-ons, equipment, or offerings. Their level will be reset, but they will continue to function normally. Finally, prestiging can be done indefinitely, with prestige levels greater than 5 unlocking cool charms of that character’s bonuses. Those who are already at or nearing prominence at the time of the transfer will see their advancement preserved.

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 Changes and Patch Notes from Dead by Daylight’s
Changes and Patch Notes from Dead by Daylight’s

Incentives for Matchmaking

When matching lobbies are skewed favour Survivors or Killers, the game will give incentives for players to switch roles and level things out. These incentives include Bloodpoint bonuses ranging from +25 to +100%. Based on their play history and locality, various players receive different rewards. If you disable cross-play, these incentives will be disabled.

Updates to the Gameplay

The developers are making modifications to three of the game’s core mechanics in order to better the status of the game and the meta.

To begin, it will take an extra 10 seconds for Generators to fully power up at baseline. When a Killer kicks a Generator, its progression is reduced by 2.5 percent of its maximum meter. This is intended to help Killers who do not have Generator-slowing bonuses.

Second, killers in general are getting a boost. Pallet breaks and Generator kicks will be faster, basic attacks will have shorter cooldowns that grant hit survivors shorter speed bonuses, and Bloodlust will build up faster.

Third, in order to discourage camping and tunnelling, Survivors will earn Endurance and Haste bonuses for a few seconds after being unhooked. These benefits will be terminated prematurely if a Survivor engages in a “conspicuous activity,” which includes healing, repairing Generators, opening Exit Gates, or any other action taken with the aim of progressing objectives.

 Changes and Patch Notes from Dead by Daylight’s
Changes and Patch Notes from Dead by Daylight’s

Changes to Meta Perks

The developers are revising a range of Killer and Survivor bonuses in order to provide better balance in the game’s meta. These benefits, as well as a quick summary of their alterations, are as follows:


Bloodpoint bonus removed from Barbecue and Chili
Hex: Ruin: Regression speed reduced to 50%, 75%, and 100%.
The Weasel Goes Pop: The generator penalty has been decreased to 20% of current (rather than total) progress.
When a Survivor enters the Dying condition, Corrupt Intervention is deactivated.
Tinkerer: Each Generator can only be activated once.
Hex: No One Escapes Death: When the Hex Totem activates, survivors can see its aura within 4m.
Scouring Hook: Pain Resonance: Removed loud noise notification and Survivor scream


When invoked, Dead Hard provides Endurance for 1 second.
Decisive Strike: When Exit Gates are activated, the stun duration is lowered to 3 seconds.
Borrowed Time: Endurance effect increased by 6/8/10 seconds, Haste effect increased by 10 seconds, Conspicuous Actions cancelled.
Iron Will: Reduces the frequency of pain grunts by 25/50/75 percent and deactivates when fatigued.
Self-Care: Heal speed has been reduced to 25/30/35 percent, and the item bonus has been eliminated.
Spine Chill: Only active when a Killer has a clear line of sight, lasts 0.5 seconds. The vault speed benefit was deleted.
 Changes and Patch Notes from Dead by Daylight’s
Changes and Patch Notes from Dead by Daylight’s

Changes to Non-Meta Perks

These upgrades are mainly for basic maintenance and balance, and will have less of an influence on the overall meta.


Overcharge: Increases regression speed from 100 percent to 400 percent in 30 seconds.
Eruption: The regressive penalty has been increased to 10%, and the incapacitation effect has been increased to 15/20/25 seconds.
Knock Out: Affected survivors move 50% slower for 15 seconds and recover 25% slower.
Coulrophobia: Increases the speed of skill checks by 50% in its area of impact.
When an Obsession’s health is depleted, Dark Devotion is activated.
Cooldown has been eliminated.
Lethal Pursuer: Adds 2 seconds to the duration of all aura reading effects.
Scourge Hook: Gift of Pain: The action speed penalty has been increased to 10%/13%/16%.
Thanatophobia: The penalty for action speed has been increased to 4.5/5/5.5 percent every Survivor.
Thanatophobia: The penalty for action speed has been increased to 4.5/5/5.5 percent every Survivor.
When the Killer is more than 24 metres away, Monstrous Shrine becomes a Scourge Hook perk, converting all Basement hooks into Scourge Hooks with 10/15/20 percent faster Entity advancement.


Opening Chests and Blessing Totems are silent, but 40/35/30 percent slower.
Scourge Hooks are highlighted in yellow in Saboteur.
Botany Knowledge: The healing speed bonus has been increased to 30/40/50 percent.
Unofficially: Gain Endurance for 60/70/80 seconds after unhooking, which is cancelled by Conspicuous Actions.
Lucky Break: Every second spent mending another Survivor extends the length of Lucky Break by one second.
When searching a chest while injured, the pharmacy guarantees a Med-Kit.
When you are the final Survivor, your generator repair speed increases by 75% and your exit gate opens by 50%.
Distortion: For every 30 seconds spent with the Killer’s Terror, you will receive 1 Distortion token. Radius \sLightweight: Scratch marks are less frequent and vanish 5/4/3 seconds faster.
Deja Vu: Increases the repair speed of exposed Generators by 5%.
Dark Sense: When a Generator is turned on, it shows the Killer’s aura for 5/7/10 seconds when they are within 24m of you.
Tenacity: In the dying state, reduces pain moans by 75%.
Hope: Duration has been removed.
Overzealous: The increase to repair speed from purifying a Hex Totem has been doubled.
We’ll Be Here Forever: The Bloodpoint benefit has been abolished, and saving a Survivor from death provides them Endurance for 6/8/10 seconds.
The developers have not specified when these changes would be implemented in the main game. They are, however, scheduled to be added to the PTB sometime next week. If you require more detail on any of the changes described here, the complete patch notes can be found on the game’s official blog. Don’t forget to keep an eye on our Dead by Daylight area for any additional developments.

People also ask

How can I repair Dead by Daylight’s inability to update?

The problem appears to be solved by doing the following: Navigate to your Steam app. Clear the download cache by going to Steam > Settings > Downloads. This will restart your app, and you should be able to play DBD normally after that.

When is the next Dead by Daylight update?

Dead By Daylight Chapter 24 Patch Notes Have Been Officially Released. The official patch details for the exciting new chapter of Dead By Daylight are available below. 0 for all supported systems on June 7 at 11AM ET.

What exactly is a fix for Dead by Daylight?

Patches are Dead by Daylight updates. The following is a list of all Patches released for the Game since its initial release. The release dates are solely for the PC version.

What is the most recent Dead by Daylight chapter?

Dread’s Roots
DBD’s latest chapter, Roots of Dread, will be available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Google Stadia on June 7, 2022. Following the conclusion of Behaviour’s 6th Anniversary webcast, the PTB of Roots of Dredge will be available on Steam, allowing players to test out the new DLC ahead of time.


Will there be a sequel to Dead Daylights

So, is a sequel in order? In an interview with The Loadout, Dave Richard, the innovative director of Dead by means of Daylight, confirmed that there are not any plans for a new Dead by means of Daylight game.

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