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The Minecraft Java 1.19 update includes a slew of new features, including as new biomes, blocks, critters, enchantments, and more. However, one of the most intriguing new objects in the game is Echo Shards.

Everything you need to know about using Echo Shards in Minecraft is right here.

The first thing you’re probably asking is where you can find these Echo Shards. This item is a part of the Deep Dark Biome, which is thought to be one of the most feared and hazardous biomes to date. It also only appears in Chests located within the Ancient City.

Minecraft Java 1.19
Minecraft Java 1.19

That means you’ll need to know where to find these Ancient Cities before you can learn how to employ Echo Shards.

So the query is, “How do you operate Echo Shards in Minecraft 1.19 update?” This object presently serves simplest one role in the sport (because of its newness) .They can only be used to make another item known as the Recovery Compass.

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The Recovery Compass is a necessary piece of equipment that helps you to pinpoint the exact location of your last death in Minecraft. So you can return to the murder scene and recover any lost supplies or complete whatever task you were working on when you were killed.

However, creating this compass is where things become complicated. Because you’ll need exactly eight Echo Shards coupled with a standard compass to make a Recovery Compass. Keep in mind that they can only be found in the game’s most deadly biome, and not every chest will contain them.

That’s all there is to know about using Echo Shards in the Minecraft Java 1.19 release. Before you go, make sure to read some of our other articles on Gaming Vitals.

People also ask

What will Minecraft 1.19 look like?

Minecraft 1.19 is now available. The Wild update also includes new world generation elements such as ancient cities that spawn in the Deep Dark – a zone that only spawns underground. New objects in the Deep Dark include echo shards and disc bits.

Is Minecraft 1.19 available on Bedrock?

Today is the expected release date of Minecraft 1.19 for Bedrock Edition (June 7th) Many Minecraft players have been anticipating June 7th. After months of snapshots, betas, and pre-releases, the 1.19 update is due to be launched sometime today.
Minecraft Java 1.19
Minecraft Java 1.19

What can you make out of Echo shard?

a compass for recovery
An echo shard is a new item in Minecraft that was introduced in the Wild Update. It can be used to make a survival compass. An echo shard is an item that cannot be created using a crafting table or furnace. Instead, you must search for and collect this item in the game.

In Minecraft, how do you create a spyglass?

You’re going to have to make it. Make some copper ingots by smelting raw copper, and then vertically combine two of them in a crafting bench with an amethyst shard to serve as a lens. If you follow the recipe correctly, you will receive a spyglass.
Minecraft Java 1.19
Minecraft Java 1.19

What will Minecraft 1.20 look like?

Minecraft 1.20 introduces new mobs (Speculated)

The fireflies (announced with Wild Update) The vultures (from Biome Vote 2019) The ostrich (from Biome Chooser 2018) Meerkats (from Biome Chooser 2018)

What’s new in Minecraft 1.18?

1.18, the first Caves & Cliffs: Part II release, is a major upgrade to Java Edition that was released on November 30, 2021. It fully revamps the Overworld generation, introducing larger caves, taller mountains, new mountain biomes, new cave biomes, and flooded caves.

When will 1.19 be released?

The Wild Update will be available for Nintendo Switch on June 7, 2022, at around 4:30 pm BST/8:30 am PT. Not only will it be available on the Nintendo Switch, but it will also be available on other compatible platforms on the same day.

When will Minecraft 1.19 be released?

When the latest Minecraft update is released today, it will include a new sort of location as well as new enemies. Minecraft’s 1.19 update, titled ‘The Wild,’ will be released today, June 7. It will add jungles and a little more terror to the game, as well as a new enemy named the Warden.

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